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HIR bulb upgrade before and after

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As the title states, just a video showing my highs and lows before and after putting new HIR highs in and modding my stock highs to fit in the lows place. Very nice upgrade. I can see clearly now, the dull is gone! In the end i think the aiming was the biggest issue at hand. But it's still a nice improvement for 63 dolla in the end. and an hours work.


Had a complaint on the music. May want to start with your volume low.

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I enjoy the beginning of the video where you're driving around the most dangerous curves in town, at night, in the rain, recording a video, and changing your lights =)

I like to live life on the edge.

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I like natural white light, so personally I would get as close to that as possible. What size do you need?

9002 or something like that I think... I usually get mine from DDM tuning since they have good prices... I ran 6000's last time and liked them pretty well, on a few other forums I'm on I read that pure white makes it difficult to see in snow so I went with a little bluer and didn't mind it at all...

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