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    It Cost Too Much!

    Maybe after you have tried it, like most I have trained and had success you might want to reconsider it. I and they have and had customers 16 to 20 years old and it worked and still does. This is not theory! When you have tried it and if it fails, don't use it. I guess all the people I have trained that are having success with it, maybe I should tell them you said it wont work. I have studied and proven it works for over 26 years in the car audio industry alone. I did over a million dollars a year in sales by myself. In a rural area the language I didn't even speak. How long have you been doing it? I have more than this techniques to share with this common objection but if you cant handle the most basic how will you every graduate from the second year of college? You wont will you?
  2. Have you ever heard this before? Or does this just happen here in California? Here is how to handle it. 1) Agree with them 2) By pass it If they say it again 3) Rephrase it back to them (IT COST TOO MUCH?) 4) Ask How much too much is it? 5) Reduce it to the Ridiculous Here is how! Ask how long do they plan on owning their vehicle for example 3 years and they say it is $300 to much. You take the $300 and divide it by 3 years which is $100 per year take the $100 and divide it by 52 weeks and that would be $19 per week Divide the $19 per week and divide it by 7 which is $2.71 a day Ask them would it be worth giving up less than a cup of coffee a day to have the best? Now I know you guys use Euros but the formula is the same. Try it, you have nothing to lose except profit if you lower your price, don't you?
  3. DelEllis

    Sales Help

    Aaron, If any of the forum members would like tips on how to overcome Objections, the internet, I can get it cheaper somewhere else, I would love to help. Del
  4. DelEllis

    Sales Help

    Gentlemen, I am not a spammer. I had a store in Fresno, Ca. for 23 years. My store was surveyed and compared to 500 of the top stores in the U.S. My store was the HIGHEST GROSSING PROFIT Store per square foot and NOBODY has beaten that mark as of yet. My Job is to help make you more money. To answer the question am I a Sales Consultant, Yes and a whole lot more. You see I Owned, Manage, worked my sales floor and at one time built all the custom enclosure our facility that we had to offer. Many many nights of sneezing out MDF. lol. If you have a question, I will help you. By the way in the late 80s till the late 90s I was the #1 Linear Power Dealer in the World and if you ask Jerry their tech, he will verify this claim. Del
  5. DelEllis

    Sales Help

    My name is Del Ellis and I have had the honor to be able to say I have trained the 2 out of 4 of the "TOP RETAILERS for 2011/2012" and the #1 JL Audio Dealer of the World. If you have trouble making sales just let me know and I will help you as best as I can. Del Ellis