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    Ask Me Your Questions!

    Something kind of like this, except instead of the rear deck i would be using a trunk hatch in the back seats + two more woofers.
  2. BenjaminRyanMoeller

    Ask Me Your Questions!

    I was thinking of a large divider in the trunk of my accord filled with kicker comps; the problem with the rear deck is that its not near big enough to accomadate the subs, plus it is already factory made for 6x9s. The goal here is to make more efficient use of my trunk space, since the boxes i'm using currently are under the ideal size for the subs in them.
  3. BenjaminRyanMoeller

    Ask Me Your Questions!

    Right then, i'll throw a question out there; how practical is an IB set up if you don"t intend to use the rear deck? Will it sound good through a little trunk hatch?
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    Hi There

    Hi, i'm new here. How y'all doing?