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  1. Thunder39208

    Soundrive Photo Log

    Very nice. What would it take to be a dealer? Would you be willing to work with another Manufacturer (Co-Branding)?
  2. Thunder39208

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    Grundy insurance. For more info ask Eric or talk to the agent at our car show.
  3. Thunder39208

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    Did'nt think us cornbread lovin country boys would fit in a fancy; "overseas" sports car No-how.
  4. Thunder39208

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    Taylor: The doors look great. I hope that seat was just in a bad position, cause your knees looked to be; "all up in the way". Or is that thing just built for little people? Just asking.....
  5. Thunder39208

    Linear Power In The Lambo!

    Ok. That's just plain SEXY!! cant wait to see the install pics!
  6. Thunder39208

    Console Pic

    66 Chevy 2 console I just finished. Clamped up tonight for the glue to dry.
  7. Thunder39208

    Wtb Linear Power Iq Series Amp

    The gain knob has that familiar "notch" in the middle to let you know your in the middle, thats about it. Not sure about the PVC - passive radiator thing, But in Rays Lightning pickup he had the 10" iso firing rearward in the console (6" from rear wall) and the ports coming out each side of the console up by the firewall. It sounded great!! Just a though.
  8. Thunder39208

    Wtb Linear Power Iq Series Amp

    Kingstroker: Be advised, Linear amps don't fail catostrophically(sp) as most other amps. (meaning they VERY rarely go up in flames. ) it is almost always something minor. The amps just have that much protection in them. I dont think you would go wrong buying a "broken" LP amp and having it repaired and or modded. ( working with Ray for many years I have only seen a handful of amps that could not be repaired.) I saw you listed the 2202IQ and 2502IQ, these are large case style amps just not as long as the 3002 or 5002IQ. IF you have room for the 2502IQ you can put a 2.2HV and possibly the new 2150 in the same spot. (Just a thought)
  9. Thunder39208

    Hi There

    Welcome. We will be glad to help, if you decide to open a shop.
  10. Thunder39208

    Nsra 2013 Mid-America Street Rod Nationals

    CableGuy184: You see the red and black truck 3 from the bottom? That's what I am building. Mine will just be a "Mega-crew cab"
  11. Thunder39208

    Herro! From Mississippi!

    As far as cutting plexi on a table saw I have had good results with an 80 -120 tooth blade. I have cut a lot of 1" plexi with a 120 tooth. Frosting plexi I have sanded the back side with dry 320, but you will go through paper quickly. I would go with 6Appeal's idea and add company logo's. You can get about any sign shop to cut a sticker in reverse, or even make a negative so you have a blasted logo in the middle of a clear panel. Sand an polish the edges, add strip LED's and BAM, Old School Hotness!!! Hope this helps.
  12. Thunder39208

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    Kingstroker has a great idea! wash the car very hard with a scotch brite and distilled viniger. (sands it and kills rust) wash again with a new scotch brite and water. let dry, tape up, wipe down with wax and greese remover and clear it with about 1/2 flattining agent in the clear and your done. But dont wet sand any trash or buff anywhere. It brings out the shine. And that is why "HotRod" black paint jobs cost so much. They have to be sprayed perfect.
  13. Thunder39208

    Teamcapri 1992 Mercury Capri Xr2

    6APPEAL's ride is the black 4dr chevy 3/4 ton diesel truck. Gray interior with the sub between the front seats. 8 sets of "A" pillars soon, I think....
  14. Thunder39208

    Are The Kicker L7's Worth The Money

    With the L7 / L5 kickers you have to rememver that even though it says its a 15" speaker it needs the ported enclosure for the next larger driver, an 18". Not to say thats a bad thing, jus needs to be kept in mind. How would you get a 7ft3 - 8ft3 enclosure into the trunk? What I "personally" have observed from these drivers is: 1. they can get LOUD! 2. they love a large ported enclosure. 3. More boomy than punchy [ not as accurate as it's round cousins] 4. they like a lot of power. 5. no matter how large the box or how low "I" tune the port, he response wil have a "bump" at 40hz - 45hz. That being said. I have had some very happy customers with Kicker squares.
  15. The "IQ" in Linear Power model numbers means: "I" Inverted channel, one internal channel is inverted so the amp can perform stereo, or bridged or mixed mono, by just how you hook up the speaker wires.. Older models needed either the internal bridge switch flipped or the use of an "XO2" to make the amp "Bridged." "Q" Quiet turn on circuit. Reposted from "www.Linearpower.com" PROTECTION: Our stable amplifier design is made virtually indestructible by two protection circuits. One is a precision thermal protection circuit, which prevents damage from high frequency oscillation, or an excessive ambient temperature. The second protection circuit is a current sensing device guarding against instantaneous abnormalities, such as short circuits. Both circuits are automatically resetting. A turn-on delay has been added to prevent speaker damage from turn-on transients. Please remember that the 2502IQ(1995 first made) was about a 2 generation step newer than the origional 5002's which came out in 1986. the 5002/5002iq is rated at 250 x2 RMS @ 0.12% THD 20hz-20Khz, 565 watts bridged and 1100 watts peak. Where as the 2502IQ is rated at 125w x2 RMS @ 0.06% THD 20hz-20Khz, 600watts bridged and 1400watts peak. I can understand the confusion. But having owned both of these amps I can tell you the 5002 is UNDERRATED! The 5002 has an extra set of outputs above the 2502's, and runs at a higher internal voltage. So yea it makes more power the 565Watts bridged. BUT BUT BUT!! This information was printed in the origional lit. I do not know the testing conditions that were used to get those numbers, But I will ask Ray @ Linear Power to chime in and try to make sense of this.