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  1. 6APPEAL

    Cablguy184 Not A Cable Guy Anymore ?

    Wish you luck Randal. Sure miss having the two group clowns around (you and Mike, as if you didn't know).
  2. 6APPEAL

    World Finals And Sbn

    Spent Sunday helping Mike work on the Trailblazer. Another LP system coming back.
  3. 6APPEAL

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    I could have the car running in a couple of weekends, but it would have a slipping trans, 27 year old paint and no bumper fillers.
  4. 6APPEAL

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    You should be doing a bunch of things, like going to shows. LOL! SBN was nice, but we missed the group clowns, you and Mike.
  5. 6APPEAL

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    Looks like you need rockers and some patch panels for the front fenders behind the wheels. Lower quarters don't look bad, but the screwdriver test could determine that.
  6. 6APPEAL

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    No insurance? Wreck your trailer with the car on it and most likely your car will be a loss out of your pocket. You better dig through your policies or check with your agent. Insurance companies coverage differ, some will cover the trailer on your car/truck comprehensive insurance, but not the contents (or very limited contents coverage), which means you have to have comprehensive coverage on the car. Some require collision and comprehensive insurance on the trailer to cover contents.
  7. 6APPEAL

    Cablguy184's 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan

    Due to the amount of ethanol in fuel you should use as little rubber as possible. And the rubber line you use should be rated for ethanol blended fuel. You also need to look at the fuel line you are using. Low quality tubing will be eaten by ethanol.
  8. 6APPEAL

    ///m3 Stanced Yo!

    Doesn't sound like he likes 'stancing' or the North American E36 M3. LOL
  9. 6APPEAL

    This..... Is...... Targa!

    Badazz!!!! Is it time for my midlife crisis yet?????? LOL
  10. 6APPEAL

    The Slowest Lp Build Ever

    I remember those first few weeks of having a newborn in the house. Glad all is well.
  11. 6APPEAL

    Buried Railway Tunnel Of Cars

    Barn find, but bigger than a barn. Neat Fiats and Lotus.
  12. 6APPEAL

    2015 Subaru Wrx Sti

    I've always been somewhat of a fan of the WRX and EVO, but never really had a chance to drive one. A friend had an EVO several years ago and took me from a ride, but would not let me drive. The car was impressive from the passenger seat. Another friend has a WRX (not a STi) and I got to drive it. He even let me drive it somewhat aggressive. I almost stalled it (touchy clutch and I hadn't driven a standard in years), but the car impressed me, especially considering there were no performance upgrades done to it. I like the lines of the 2015, just lose the big wing and give it to me in white or black.
  13. 6APPEAL

    Cablguy184's 1997 Chevy Silverado

    50+% of rain tomorrow too!
  14. 6APPEAL

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Same way for me. Wife's Maxima build is constantly waiting on the budget to progress with the build. The GN is just too many $$$$'s to think about (makes my head hurt).
  15. 6APPEAL

    2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

    Well that sux. I can say, been there, done that, almost trashed it all after getting upset about some stupid stuff years ago. Still it doesn't look too bad, so it should be repairable. If not, pick up another LP to run the sub (of course I'm bias ).