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    CA-F Workout

    Earlier I used to do aerobics for half an hour and also yoga ,but recently I have started a small trucking business and it had made me so busy that I don't have much time to do my daily workout .
  2. Hello guys,recently when surfing web I came across this website and found this Nissan truck pretty interesting ,am looking forward to buy this truck but before that I want your review on this truck.I also liked this site and I would recommend you people to visit this site "Big trucks" specially if you are looking to buy a truck.
  3. jeniD4u

    How important is Made in the USA to you?

    AS a national of America I would say that made in America matters a lot,but recently some products that are made in America are not worthy enough to be proud of.So I guess it will be a pretty mix reply.
  4. jeniD4u

    Hello everyone

    Hiiiiiiiiiiii to all, am Jeniffer D new to this forum.Hoping to enjoy and learn more about automotive from this forum.
  5. jeniD4u

    got the scat race seats i odered

    Awesome man they are fabulous am sure it will really look nice when you fix it.
  6. jeniD4u

    Hello everyone

    Thank you guys
  7. jeniD4u

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

    something like this really great.A thread which never ends,we will see to it that it never ends.
  8. jeniD4u

    Hello everyone

    Thank you for your welcome guys it was really pleasant to hear from you guys.Thanks
  9. Its one of the marvelous pieces ,so its worth to be stolen .I really wish I could have got any chance to drive this car.Really wonderful
  10. jeniD4u

    How important is Made in the USA to you?

    Made in U.S is really very important to me and also for the people of U.S too .I am and will always be proud of my country and every thing related to it.
  11. jeniD4u

    Honda CR-Z

    This Honda CR-Z look cool.White color add to its beauty ,but don't know whether like it look it has such good features too.Tell us more about this car rather than sharing a link.
  12. jeniD4u

    How did Pontiac fail when they had this?

    That was really ex..........ex.........................ex...............................excellent.Wow! what a car.Usually I don't like green cars,but by looking this video now I am a big fan of this green car.I wish I could owe this car.
  13. jeniD4u

    Local classic car show today.

    Nice pics and even the cars are fabulous.Specially that red one.Now this has made me to visit car shows.
  14. jeniD4u

    Honda CR-Z

    I just liked this Honda new version,I mean it's just a classic version of a classic car.Its look is fabulous.But what aboiut the features or specifications nothing mentioned.
  15. jeniD4u

    Past Builds by Audio-Concepts

    HI, the pics were owesome,Its like a film of photos on how to develop your own new car model.Its really fabulous.
  16. jeniD4u

    First Drive: 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302

    I liked all the models especially the red ford car.Now am thinking to buy this ford mustang boss.Its look is really good .
  17. jeniD4u

    Converting Alesis MEQ-230 to 12V!!!

    Hey,why dont you give your MEQ-230 to me,I will do the job for you.
  18. jeniD4u


    Hello dear even am new here,However like you I wasnt a childhood adictive here.By the way welcome here.