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    Hello - Former Bass Head now CNC guy saying

    Jeep was sold about 5 years ago and I bought a full size Nissan Titan to haul wood in. It is completely stock stereo now. I moved on to woodworking and CNC in a big way and I am also into 2nd generation Yamaha Vmax motorcycles. Just got some tins hydro dipped on my 2010 Vmax this week. I will show picks if folks are interested and it is not too much OT. I get as much or more attention out of the bike as I did with teh Jeep a bike shows now. I used to call my Jeep Cear SPL LOL. The plexi box was always a crazy hit and my install was 100% Stock 161-260 SLAP compliant.
  2. bloomingtonmike

    Hello - Former Bass Head now CNC guy saying

    I am in Bloomington, IL. The box from 2003 was made by Bob Gately in Sacraento CA. It was 1" Plexi and had mirrors in the bottoms and back. The box had four banana plug posts per chanber. It allowed all four wires for the 2 DVCs to be wired seperately for banana plugs. I could wire series or parallal using some "jumper cables" and the banana plugs that were used for bi-wiring in home audio applications. I wired four ohm for daily driving and 1 ohm for the lanes. Each sub had a PHD2 dedicated to it. I was running a 290amp Ohio Generator alternator in the Jeep and had a yellow top under teh hood and a Stinger SP1700 battery per amp. I'll see if I can find pictures of my amp rack. Box had braided Stinger 8ga power wire for the speaker wire - Purple and Platnium were my colors for ALL my stiner wiring. Had 0ga wirer from the hood back to the amp rack and distribution planels. Also ran a USAmps 4X100 for my mids and components. Had A/D/S 346is 6 1/2 component seperates in the front doors and dash and DD 6 1/2 mids in the rear doors. Ran a 7998 Alpine HU and their CHA-S624 6 disc - all fiber optically connected. My main comp class was 161-260 SLAP and also did a lot of IASCA shows. Was in SLAP finals in 2003 in Atlanta Georgia is 161-260. Many moons ago.
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    Hello - Former Bass Head now CNC guy saying

    My install from 2003 LOL. Loved that setup.
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    Hello - Former Bass Head now CNC guy saying

    Hi Marteb73. CNC is awesome. I started out building a pretty crazy woodworking shop first and honing my skills there. I have also been an IT guy for a long time (17 years as a UNIX admin) so mixing the two skills has always been a desire. A friend and I started talking about building cnc machines and we both ended up on cnczone (www.cnczone.com) and just got overwhelmed with info. If you think car audio is crazy wait till you start studying CNCs. Best advice I can give you is head to cnczone and start reading. Dont wait for college to start learning. Learn as much as you can and dont get sucked into believing you have to buy a machine in order to get a good one. If those folks can build and service one so can you. The chinese build them cheaper but I would not want to place my business on the CS support of folks who build things cheap overseas. Factory industrial $100K machines are in a whole different league than the sub $20K machines. You can EASILY learn to build a machine that will rival a shopbot or cammaster $12K-$15K machine. Once you learn how you will scoff anytime someone spends that kind of money. CNC is not magic and is very locical. The machine does EXACTLY what you tell it to do. Learning to build a small one will teach you SOOO much about the process and how it al works. I hope they have you do that in school. I am on some forums that have done a lot to put CNC $20K machines in high schools and colleges but most of those places teach you how to use one but not the mechanics to build one or service the equipment. That is a course or set of courses that I may someday pitch to ISU and IWU here in Bloomington, IL. Look up a Joes Hybrid CNC router or a Cast CNC Hybrid machine. These are the design elements I based my machine's design off of. The beauty of these machines is that you can build them slowly over time to absorb the costs and not have a $15K machine to pay off when you start using it. Plus if anything breaks, you know the machine in and out and can replace and fix anything because you built it! It is seriously a lot of fun!!
  5. deleted - no ebay cda-7949 and pra-h400 ebay ads allowed
  6. Hello everyone. BloomingtonMike. Been a long time since I have been in a dB lane. 2003 Atlanta Ga SLAP finals probably. Not even sure that league exists anymore. Anyway I was cleaning out the basement and selling some stuff on ebay and decided to look up Termpro to list the items to a group that can appreciate nicer car audio. Not a lot of activity there but someone mentioend this site. Since 2003 I got into woodworking in 2004 and last year built a pretty large CNC router myself - Joes CastCNC 4X4 rack and pinion setup. I always thought it would have been awesome to have that back when I was building boxes and amp racks. I can cut pretty much anything under 4'X4' at one time. My machine is all steel and aluminum excpte for the sacrificial MDF bed (I surface that). I also have vacuum clamping on my cnc router. The router is a 2.25hp hitachi M12VC. Anyone here ever need cnc router work done? I Just checked and Pretty funny - My JGC is still on sounddomain! Here was what i used to roll. http://www.cardomain.com/ride/134477/1998-jeep-grand-cherokee Sadly it was sold in 2008 - traded it to a buddy for his 06 Titan. Man I loved that Jeep. Here is my cnc I made if you guys want to see it: Some work can be seen here: http://s39.photobucket.com/albums/e169/BloomingtonMike/CNC%20Router%20Build/ I will link up some ebay ads in the for sale section (if that is OK) on a like new Alpine CDA-7949 and a PRA-H400 I still have. Also have some Alpine remotes and some interfaces still. I have not listed it yet but I also still have a brand new Orion DEQ30 that has never been installed and a ton of Stinger platnium and gold connectors, battery terminals, ANL fuse holders, distro blocks, a couple 200amp relays, and some 0ga power wire. Also have some Stinger 1700CCA batteries too but those would be hard to ship. Also have a LinearX PCRTA with high SPL mic I would sell to. It has the PACIV box too. I know how much people love when a new member sells stuff day one but feel free to look up my account on termpro and sounddomain and you will see the stuff I have at least at the time was pretty nice. I am just one of the has beens is all. Life just got in the way. Two daughetrs now and a 2nd gen 2010 Vmax (brand new as of Friday) are the new passions along with my woodworking. PM me or Send me an email if you are intersted in any of it or are interested in getting some CNC work done. Cant wait to look around and see what the current audio equipment is like. Mike Heidrick BloomingtonMike