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  1. ExpoSport

    speaker baffles

    i always hear mismatched info about rear fill. some say yes, some say no. i'm on the fence if i do it. i can save a bit of money if i don't redo my rear doors completely, but then i'll be irked with the fact that i have 2 custom front doors and 2 stock rear doors lol.
  2. ExpoSport

    CA-F Workout

    i worked out my legs two days ago, which i never usually do because i hate working my legs out. but MAN they're still sore lol. worked a 12 hour shift yesterday and pulsatingly sore feet + sore legs = legs randomly giving out and almost falling to the ground haha
  3. ExpoSport

    The most EPIC movie about HID's in 720HD...Ever!!

    you obviously have no idea what actually goes into these components. i want that 4000 watt amp in the top pic because it's cheaper and the copper and minerals are the same as the ones in the bottom amp so it's the same (random amp pics...not real ratings, but you get the comparison i'm making) i myself find it pointless to go over 35 watts for HID's. they're already ridiculously bright, way brighter than stock. i found a good set of HID's that are more reliable than a $50 set of ebay HID's, and lifetime warranty. and i didn't break the bank.
  4. ExpoSport

    CA-F Workout

    oh i can feel it, that's for sure lol. it's hard to do the videos all the way through. but i do most of them through. getting over an illness so i'm gonna get back on it asap
  5. ExpoSport

    CA-F Workout

    i used to be a member of a gym, but haven't found myself able to get all the way out there to workout and come back. just no time. so i acquired a copy of p90x, which if you haven't done before, is rough! for me anyways. i push myself with it of course but starting off with that will leave you sore for days haha
  6. ExpoSport

    Torres' Box Tuning Calculator

    will do
  7. ExpoSport

    Torres' Box Tuning Calculator

    thanks keep an eye out for an update i have in the works for it. soon as my one class is over here in a couple weeks i can pick back up on it
  8. ExpoSport

    Torres' Box Tuning Calculator

    aw sweet man!! thanks! i appreciate it
  9. ExpoSport

    Torres' Box Tuning Calculator

    thank ya thank ya!
  10. i have this posted on some other forums, thought since this one is pretty active as well that i'll post it here too. hope some of you guys here can get some use out of it just make sure to read the post before asking questions as i think they should be answered there. or in the 'help' button on the calculator (which i also copied into this post). if not, feel free to ask away. and whenever i can manage to find the time, i plan on incorporating some metric capabilities into this as well for you guys across the pond ***When downloading, make sure it is saved with a .exe file extension, or it will not open properly. the 'Open with...' window will pop up otherwise*** (thanks gottahavbass917 and a user from another forum ) EDIT: just been tweaking some small things here and there. mostly things that were pointed out to me (thanks :drinks:) most recent version is posted up on 4/28 also, should have said this from the get-go (i apologize) but thanks to Razor5070 for the help when i got stuck here's a screen shot of what it looks like sorry for such the large size. it was hard squeezing so much into such a small box. i do realize that on some resolutions the program wont display fully on the screen. but maximizing will fix that until i can figure a better layout or a way to fix it. it should have pretty much any suggestion that was thrown my way that i could find useful. along with a couple last minute changes, like the desired net/gross volume boxes here's the download link to the program: Box Tuning Calculator Download ***you'll need the most up to date .net framwork for this program to work. click this link to get it*** .NET Framework if you're .NET is up to date, and you're still having troubles opening the calculator, check to make sure it downloaded as a .exe file. it should have normally, but for some it may not. rename it with a .exe format and it should work. thanks to pervitizm for finding this solution. he had this problem, renamed it and said it worked from then on out. For Mac users: this is a windows based program, so it will not work on macs from a fresh download. you'll need to use either parallels, virtualbox, VMWare fusion, or wine there's port cut sheets in there, but one thing i did NOT include are cut sheets on how to cut the port if it bends. there's too many different ways to cut the sheets, and the coding to go into that would be too tedious to deal with. maybe at another time down the road. right now i want to get it uploaded and not have something silly holding it back. plus, if you're building a speaker box, i'm sure you can go take some measurements in the box and see what the port should be i've also included a FAQ/tip sheet with it this time around. so if you get confused with something, click there first. if you're STILL confused, send me a PM with any questions. with that being said, i'm still going to paste all the contents of the FAQ here. Box Frequency Tuning Calculator - FAQ/Tip Guide 1 - First and foremost, the RE calculator is *not* spot on, and is limited in design, so no, it will not match this calculator. 2 - When doing an oddly shaped box such as a fiberglass box, or you know the volume of a certain box you have in mind that you want to build, put the net volume in the 'Desired Net Volume' box. This will bypass all dimensions entered preventing you from having to guess dimensions to get a certain net volume and will allow you to tinker with different port sizes and tuning. So if you know you want a box with 4 cubic feet of net volume, enter '4' into that box and it will allow you to adjust tuning accordingly to that specific volume. Keep in mind that any displacement nor port volume is NOT subtracted from this total. 3 - The 'Desired Gross Volume' box acts much like the Desired Net Volume box, except all displacements are taken into effect. 4 - If the number of aero ports is greater than 0, then that automatically gets taken into effect and the calculator ignores the dimensions for slot ports. 5 - The '# of Common Port Walls' box refers to how many sides of the box are going to act as sides of the port. 6 - Port length uses the box wall or baffle(s) as part of the port length. So a port that is 10" long with one baffle using .75" wood will only need to be 9.25" long as the box wall or baffle(s) will account for the other .75". If using two baffles, then it would be 8.5" long as the baffle will account for 1.5" of port length. 7 - Port walls are defaulted with a .75" thickness. 8 - Regular square/rectangle boxes do not need any numbers entered into the 'Height 2' or 'Depth 2' boxes. 9 - Pressing 'Enter' will prompt the program to print. 10 - Slot port area range is based on 12-16 square inches of port per cubic foot, while aero ports are based on 9-13 square inches per cubic foot. 10 - On the cut sheets of boxes with different depths and heights, you'll notice 'H1' or 'D2' next to the measurements. These represent which dimension is which. Here are two pictures to illustrate: Box with one height, but two different depths: http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/8449/angledcutsheet1.png Box with two heights and two different depths: http://img163.imageshack.us/img163/607/angledcutsheet2.png If they do not go in the proper order, the sheet will not come out properly. *------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------* --Here is the formula the calculator uses (the same on displayed in the program itself): http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/2590/tuningformula.jpg --The following are links that illustrate how each ported box is taken into effect in the calculator (sub and port position can be upwards with the same effect): 1 - Port with 0 common walls: http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/6474/independentport.jpg 2 - Slot port with 1 common wall: http://img341.imageshack.us/img341/9939/bottomportbox.jpg 3 - Slot port with 2 common walls: http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/2017/middleportbox.jpg 4 - Slot port with 3 common walls: http://img246.yfrog.com/img246/6968/slotportbox.jpg --The images were made with Google Sketchup. Free to use: http://sketchup.google.com/ should be 99% debugged (i think). but after staring at the same coding for so long, things are bound to slip by. so IF you do find something that seems out of place, PM me about it please. and only if you're certain about it. i dont want to go check something or explain how it's done several times over because it may be coded a certain way that you may be thinking differently. that'd be too tedious for me to do constantly. hope you guys like it EDIT: wow those are some intense smilies lol
  11. ExpoSport

    Cheap but good subs

    DD's are amazing...no doubt. but if you get 2 18's with 2-2500 watt handling power...it'll be louder, no? cone area ftw
  12. ExpoSport

    Introduce your System

    let's see...i got my first system from a friend. old mtx packaged setup with an amp. when i was about 16/17. then moved on to some audiobahns (yeah i know). couple different models. then 18" kicker solo x's. now i have no back seats in my explorer (pfff who needs em...) and 4 15" fully loaded fi btl's with 2 saz3000d sundown amps. each pair hooked up to 1 ohm giving 3k to each sub. future plans are 2 more 15's, and 4 more sundown amps. and depending how bad i want em i may skip out on upgrading my headunit ;D i got an ipod anyways...
  13. ExpoSport

    Introduce yourself!

    sup sup sup...ExpoSport or chris...also from smd. i like it there cuz of the lack of haters...hope this place stays as clean