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  1. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    DMX hoping his Impala 7/11/10

    His car did shitty but thats coo
  2. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    How many watts are you running.

    3500 on the subs 400 on the mids/highs soon to be 6k on subs
  3. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    Demo Vids From Local Import Show

    Yepp haha Justin with the white blazer. He also has a white s10 on 20's with 2 10'' kicker solo x's and a memphis 4kw doing 151's+. The black tacoma is from oregon on the border of idaho.
  4. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    Demo Vids From Local Import Show

    4 18'' Fi BTL's off one memphis 4kw for now, he had another but it fryed. Truck does 154.4 so far with little testing and the wall just finished few days ago. 2 stock gm alts.
  5. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    Demo Vids From Local Import Show

    Were trying to get the audio scene back here in Washington. MECA and USAC are finally coming here more often. We have a few guys getting pretty loud now. These 3 vids are members off of caraudio and caraudioclassifieds. 4 12'' Type R's in a blowthrough in a toyota tacoma. Sounddigital 8k. Tuned lowww. Does 153's. 2 18'' DC LVL 5's off a sundown 4500d in a trailblazer. Mechman alt. Does 150's+, box is tuned real low at 30hz. Truck flexes like jello.
  6. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    how did you find CLZZ?

    Google lol
  7. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Jesus that's a long time. I love the job, especially for starting there when I was 18 I think its great all the benefits and such. This past year I got 10th in the whole shop here in Seattle so I think I'm doing something right lol.
  8. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Oh nice, i started right when I turned 18, im about to be 21 in a week, going on 3 years im a ct3/priority about to go for my customer facing 4 soon for now, I want to go for network 4 when im done with my partying time in a few years lol, I cant do on-call being 21 haha
  9. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Umm i think its chipped and thats it. It still has the strobe setup in the back compartment but all the bulbs are taken out. I will keep that in mind, I wish i was more all around vehicle savy instead of just electrical cuz I would tackle it myself then.
  10. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    Big Will's Build, 4 XCON 18s

    Sweet buildup, should get pretty loud.
  11. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Thanks man. Are you really a cable guy? I work for comcast myself.
  12. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Umm i want to bag it but I cant get myself to drop 3-5 grand on the kit plus labor lol
  13. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Next, I debaged her using the 3m Eraser Wheel, made life so much easier. Did All the doors in about 30 mins. Then I decided on getting a 3rd lvl 4 15. New box is 14 cubes tuned to 38 hz. Did a 150.1 door open on the termlab. Currently running the 3000.1 at .67 ohms. I picked up some LED tails for it, then blacked them out using VHT niteshade. Turned out super glossy, didnt have to wetsand or clearcoat. And here is how she sits as of now, the springs settled a little more, I was able to crank the front torsion keys a little more. The front is tucking nicely, the rear I want another inch out of. This summer Im doing 4 15'' lvl 4's, a 5-6k amp, dual alts, another kinetik 2000 in the rear and a kinetik 1400 as a secondary under the hood.
  14. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    Next I got the rear vent caps painted white to match Next was the Belltech 3/5 lowering kit, I love this kit it rides just as smooth as stock. Before: After: Next is the Powermaster 220 Amp Alt, built up by Mechman (138 idle/238 max) Here's a quick pic of the wiring, its all 0 gauge shok industries wire. Stuff is insane, very high strand count and super flexible I can wrap it around a finger a few times
  15. NoPh33rRaCiNg

    2002 Chevy Tahoe Buildup

    It all started 7 months ago, completely stock, an ex-police vehicle. Then smoked headlight housings, DDM 12000K lows and fogs and painted grill to match Old Setup: 2 15'' DC Lvl 4's w/Lvl 5 Coils off my DC 3000.1 @ 1 ohm Then the American Racing Burn 24's came