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  1. Darkrider

    Sup Guys? Noob From Canada Eh?

    Thanks and i will def try to send some people this way!
  2. Darkrider

    Sup Guys? Noob From Canada Eh?

    Sup Randal? I knew you and Hyper would know who i am lol. On a side note..i now own an S10 Blazer that previously had a stereo in it and has parts of the old system left in it like the Dual DVD deck and whatever front speakers were installed...it looks like it may have had a component set in the front doors...not sure if the tweeters are still hooked up or not.
  3. Hey guys. I know at least a couple of you know me from GMT400 and the now departed DSBP board. But for those of you who do not. My name is Chris and Mike (Hyper on here) pointed me in this direction to join up.