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  1. sound=vibration

    saz1500 325 shipped

    Do you still have this
  2. sound=vibration

    Second skin promotion install

    MMMM propane tourch
  3. sound=vibration

    Second skin promotion install

    2 10s icon in my pts horn hitting 29hrz and lower tears my hatch apart cant wait to see the difference.. Here are some PICTURE!!!! More to Come SATURDAY More to Come SATURDAY
  4. So I am posting this a part of the criteria of the Second Skin Audio Promotion give away. I would like to start by thanking Anthony from Second Skin as well as everyone at Second Skin!! Now onto the review.. Upon pick up of the deadner as soon as i grabbed the box I knew the deadner would be great. You could feel it in the wieght of the box itself lol..! Any how I tossed the box into the trunk and instantly popped open the box and was at a loss of words when i saw how nice the black backing looks on this stuff. As I pulled out a sheet I could already tell Damplifier Pro was a much better deadner than Dynamat Extreme wich i have used in the past. It is not only thicker but looks way better and I was not the only one who noticed the difference my brother picked up a piece and said " This Sh!t is way better than dynamat." lol. I knew this was going to be great from this point on. Now to let everyone know I drive a Honda Civic Hatchback if you hav not already seen my build log check it out!! Now we all know Honda is not very big on lets say luxury especiall back in 92 so when I shut my door you could tell I was shutting a Honda door rather than Caddilac if you would. So I was hopping the deadner would help not only with the weak door but cut down on road noise as well. So I jumped into it today and began taking off my door panel wich is very simple on a Honda and from there I pulled off all the stock plastics and moved the wires and handel out of the way and preped the surface with carb cleaner and a towell. From there on out I layed down the deadner and heated it with a propane tourch and gave it a good roll. Man it stuck beautifully. I will never install deadner without a tourch again!! Anywho two sheet coved my door almost completly wich amazed me I will use a third to get little odd places on the door and a fourth for the inside of the door skin. Although even without the door completly finished it sound so much more solid. It will be finished the day after Christmas and A TON more pics will come as well. It will be like I have CADDILAC DOORS!! WOOT be patient with the pics I cannot find my cord for my camera but they will be up tonight!!
  5. sound=vibration

    dCon's should be here tonight!

  6. sound=vibration

    SSA Got a Face Lift today

    nice once again mark lol
  7. sound=vibration

    dCon's should be here tonight!

    well it is deff an all around sub if they are in sooon might even run a couple in a buddys car..
  8. sound=vibration

    CA-F.com Never Ending Story

  9. sound=vibration

    dCon's should be here tonight!

    lil happy there lol
  10. sound=vibration

    6 Alpine TypeR's, 2002 Escalade

    lol looks like me and mjf need to crack down on these punks...
  11. sound=vibration

    6 Alpine TypeR's, 2002 Escalade

    whats this homemade jig u speak of
  12. sound=vibration

    6 Alpine TypeR's, 2002 Escalade

    i knew u had a trick up your sleve... lol and i had the home depo do the cuts for me over here on 75th and indian and the fed everything up.. were do u go .... the one out there in avondale
  13. sound=vibration

    6 Alpine TypeR's, 2002 Escalade

    now mark i know u dont have a table saw so how the hell do u get such straight cuts.... u need to show me some trick and tips
  14. sound=vibration

    dCon's should be here tonight!

    i stopped by to hear these the other day.. and as i have said on ROE they are nice... sound great on everything you throw at them.. take out cvrs in output and sq... they deffinatly can handle more than they are rated.... by the way wats up everyone.. my first post here