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  1. EmperorJJ1

    Please Welcome Hyper Lights To Ca-F

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  3. EmperorJJ1

    Mazda Miata Super Budget Build

    fyi sub in the trunk = all rattles no real sound. we did a build in one a long time ago with a SE i think it was sealed maybe and it was loud ish but it wasnt really music just rattles to the beat idk what you can fit on the inside
  4. EmperorJJ1

    WTB broken amps

    thanks for all the various offeres everyone but im no longer looking for broken amps. sorry guys
  5. EmperorJJ1

    WTB broken amps

    possibly on both of them let me check funds... how much are u guys looking for
  6. EmperorJJ1

    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    diablo audio technologies
  7. EmperorJJ1

    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    lol thats funny i was a douche about DAT at times too but i really havent been going to smd for years and sadly im in the top 60 posters with 2.6 posts per day average. fuck it man aint no thing but a chicken wing dont sweat it
  8. EmperorJJ1

    ~~~~~~~~~Website merge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    cool the more the merrier right?
  9. EmperorJJ1

    Post your scores...

  10. EmperorJJ1

    car audio shirts

    lol shirts pens hats hoodies beanies stickersect ect.... whatever bullshit you got with the company name on it
  11. EmperorJJ1

    WTB broken amps

    yup how much do u want for it?
  12. EmperorJJ1

    how did you find CLZZ?

    lol the only other site ive seen that has it is the new smd. and it didnt work last time i tried so fuck em
  13. EmperorJJ1

    Amps For Sale

    bump for a good buy great seller