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Aaron Clinton

SSA Evil 1 (first SSA tweeter)

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A few years late, but we are finally getting a very nice tweeter going that is worthy of being a part of the SSA line.  The pictures below show the prototypes, they are really attractive in person and will, in production form, bare the SSA logo.  See the attached files for the 4 and 8 ohm versions.  They are quite smooth to my ear (aka not super bright like some metal dome tweets can be) and blend well with the Evil6.5's (vital to the design).  These are not a PA style, 'screamy' tweet, these are meant for sound quality first and foremost.  Possible future home audio plans.  Pricing is not set just yet. These will be sold as a pair.


Some quick points of info:

  • 28mm Silk Dome, Large Roll Surround
  • Aluminum Faceplace and Housing
  • Sound Transparent Grill
  • Low Fs. for flexibility in both Home & Car
  • Neo Motor with Shallow non-Resonant Chamber
  • 61.9mm (2.44") dia. flange, 21.5mm (.85") depth
  • 65 watts rms


4ohm ET28-06-1 frequency response.JPG

8ohm ET28-06 frequency response.JPG



screw recessed photo 3.jpg

screw recessed photo 4.jpg

tweeter photo 2016-11-4 1.jpg

tweeter photo 2016-11-4 3.jpg

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