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New Budget Rcas Coming Soon

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Thanks to successful sales of our HiFi series of RCAs, we are going to be adding another line soon - the Elevated Standard line. These RCAs will boast similar performance at a lower price. Currently, the only color option will be black (with a slightly transparent jacket so that you can see the shielding inside) smile.png Depending on how we approach these RCAs, expect to see pricing anywhere from $35-45 shipped per 17 foot set.

We will, of course, still offer our HiFi series of RCAs for those customers who want the absolute best cables they can get, or people who want custom colors and other options.

How is this possible, you ask? Well, rather than buying single spools from distributors, we are going to make one large order (upwards of 10,000 feet...) directly from the manufacturer. We're also testing various RCA connectors until we find one we really like - we may end up using the Rean connectors for these, too. We are also going to revisit our dealer structure in attempt to offer the lowest price and highest convenience to our customers.

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