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World Finals And Sbn

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Well, we took trophys home in three classes at MECA World Finals as well as other trophys for other accompi\lishments. We had Josh Kleckner win the coveted Best of the Best in MECA for the overall best SQ, SPL and Install scores combined. Herman Smith won Meca Head of the Year, he also won top score in Modified division for the year, with the highest points. I took third place in Masters Class out of 5 contestants with nothing but our two way 6.5 inch Passive components and a LP2250 in the Escape, with no external processing just he Kenwood DNX9980 A/V headunit. Linear Power Inc. won Manufacturer of the Year again, for the 3rd straight year.

At Spring Break Nationals, we took 1st place in Street Class, 2nd in Modified, 3rd in Modified, and I took 2nd in Masters Class, again with only our LP6.5CP two way 6.5 inch passive component set and the 2250. We had people standing in line all day both days, to hear the Escape in the Audiophile Listening Area and Herman/s Dodge truck in the main booth.

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Herd it (for a very short time) the other day at Ray's house. Sound very nice !!! Can't wait to see it in the lanes again !!!

One day my car will be making it's way into the lanes if I can ever get the body work done.

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