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HiFi Line

The HiFi line of RCAs is our main product. These cables are constructed with high quality Rean Neutrik connectors, and Canare L-4e6s star quad cable.


Our cables offer complete, grounded shielding for maximum noise rejection. When compared to RCA cables with unshielded grounds which are typically used for car audio, 60hz noise rejection (as measured with an oscilloscope) is approximately 20 times better. The noise floor is also audibly reduced if you were to previously have noise entering your RCA cables.

Measured Specifications: (Fluke 289) - 2.5' Cable

DC Resistance: 0.021 ohm per channel (+/- 0.05%)

Capacitance (center pin to center pin): 0 nF (+/- 1.0%)

Capacitance (center pin to shield): 0.379 nF (+/- 1.0%)

We offer various customizations for this line of cables, including but not limited to (most of these will affect price)

1. Custom colors - Black, blue, and orange (no upcharge) along with the following remaining colors (plus white) for a small upcharge due to not stocking the cable


2. "Uber ground" - a ring terminal is connected to the ground on one end, allowing for an easy 'bandaid' for PICO fuse issues.

3. 90 Degree connectors - For applications with little space, we will be offering 90 degree RCA connectors on either one or both ends of the cable.

4. Techflex - we can techflex your cables however you want, in any color or pattern you want.


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Stay tuned for announcements about our Elevated Standard "budget" line!

These will most likely be the connectors we will be using due to a large savings in material cost while maintaining functionality:


We will also be using more cost-effective cable. It won't be as nice as the Canare cable, but it will still be better than most cables on the market and will knock a considerable amount off of the price. Joe and I are currently sampling a few different cables and will base our decision on test results.


We will still be offering the HiFi line of RCAs for those who want better cable and connectors, and the option to choose colors.

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