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Soundrive Introduction

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Hello everyone, I'm writing a quick introduction of SounDrive for those of you who don't know about us. Currently, SounDrive is an audio company which specializes in RCA interconnects. We also offer almost any other kind of analog interconnects you can think of. Our products are built with ALL-AMERICAN labor and as few chinese products as possible. All of our products are covered by a 5 year, no questions asked repair warranty.

Our goal is to provide top notch quality at a reasonable price. We will NEVER compromise quality to make a cheap product, though. I truly believe that our cables are unmatched in their price range. We are also more than happy to make (almost) any custom cable that you desire.


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I'll give a quick update on SounDrive:

We have now hired a local production manager in charge of all cable assembly. Joe and I were overwhelmed trying to balance both SounDrive and school, so this decision has made it much easier on us and has decreased turn around time considerably. The production manager had previous soldering knowledge, and we have also established strict QC standards for length consistency and resistance. The cables still are, and always will be, assembled in the United States and covered by our warranty.

Buy your SounDrive cables today on the SSA store!

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