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2002 Chevy Blazer Sql Build!

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Now onto the amp rack main structure dry fit. and a little Kerfing.







The amp rack will have a recessed baffle like the sub enclosure. the amps will sit on their own structure and baffle behind that hiding all wires and only showing the tops of the amps. The amp rack area will also have a flush trim piece like the sub enclosure.

But done for the day...Glued the Kerf so it can dry then need to make the Amp baffles and mounting structure. There will also be a filler piece on the left side of the enclosure to make the back of the truck seamless.

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Thanks guys. Im getting there, slowly but surely. Still lots of wood working left to go, but now that I have a basis to work from things will start moving along.

Im keeping my front stage very basic by just making 1/4" baffles to house my mid range and tweeter in the factory location. They will use all factory mounting locations so no cutting of factory wires will happen. Also everything will be very easily turned back to stock when/if I ever get rid of the truck.

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Between work..kids..trying to finish the inside of the house etc...just no time for the hobbys. Plus the C10 project is not gonna happen anymore (long story) but saving a little from every check to build something badass.

I need to get my amps to Ray but priorities first with home ownership. (wife wants to paint)

All I need to do to finish my front stage is make a set of rings for clearance on the window tracks and I can install everything. All wiring is put in just gotta make rings lol.

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You get an awful lot done for having no time. ;)

Lol....I usually try to work a little after the kids are asleep either napping or at night.

Got the speakers installed yesterday just running off headunit for now until I get the amps sent in.

Need to modify my interior panels on my doors a little due to clearance issues but all in all I am thrilled. No eq and everything running at a 0 on setting and there is a world of difference. No reflection off the windshield either but thats on low power....may be different when amped.

May be going a more basic route with the enclosure to save some money and just run basic enclosure and amp racks. But I will be adding some flare with wood working.

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