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2 Cycle Engine Oil In Fuel.

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Has anyone tried this(1oz/gal)? Supposed to increase power and mileage, add much needed lubricity to the fuel system(pump & injectors) and quiet the injectors. The guys on Diesel Bombers forum that drive Cummins swear by it. The wonderful all knowing government is coming out with some great new no sulfur fuel which drains all the lubricity and mileage out of it.

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It's a common practice in the diesel world. Tons of links that link back to the study done in the 1st link.

Link to a study done back in 2007: http://www.johnfjens...ditive_test.pdf

Another from 2009: http://www.dieselpow...st/viewall.html

Over on Diesel Place is an active thread where members the forum and other forums are trying to get together for a new study: http://www.dieselpla...l</span></span>

I swap back and forth between Stanadyne and Lucas every couple of tanks. I get an oil test every 25-30k miles to check for wear and haven't had a bad test yet.

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I use a quart with every tank, it allows you to run your injector timing a little more advanced without harmful detonation, which in turn translates to more power. Currently mine is sitting at 9 degrees advanced, which is a little heavy on advance(hence why I sometimes have to run my glow plugs manually while cranking during extreme cold weather), whereas the normal advance to use would be 6 degrees.

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