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]Hey guys I was recommended to the site from the G+ community. I am not as much new to car audio but I don't know very much.


Had a 12" lightning audio sub with a duel amp in my first car with a Sony head unit.

My second sub was a 12" Infinity with an SSL amp. Now I want to do things right for my current car so that's why I'm here. I want great sound and some kick.

Old set up:

Pioneer head unit



Current set up

Same Pioneer head unit and just door speakers




I don't have too much room in the trunk so I was thinking of going with a shallow mount 10-12" sub (I can pull part of the seat down so it faces toward me) with an amp.

I really want to understand not just the watts but ohm, RMS ect. So I can best match the amp to speaker and via versa.

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Welcome, and just a heads up about your door speaker install; you might want to go ahead and put screws in some of the other holes around the rim, as having just 2 screws on one side can negatively affect the speaker basket, causing it to warp overtime, affecting your coil alignment among other things. Also can cause an air leak around the speaker.

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Ummmmm.....that's kindof a general question lol. "Do it right the first time, and take no shortcuts." <---this always works and lasts a long time. ;) Just take pics of any problem areas or areas you have questions about, post the pics along with your question, and we'll give you the best response(s) possible.

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