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"bass Head" Apparel

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Item(s) for Sale:

1."Bass Head" "Im Louder Than You" 1" Thick bracelets 8" around

2."Bass Head" "Music > Everything" .5" Thick bracelets 8" around

3."Bass Head" T-Shirts SM-XL no 2XL and so on SORRY!

4."Bass Head" "Im Louder Than You" Decals 3"x4"

Plenty stocked of all items EXCEPT STOCK IS RUNNING LOW ON GREY... Only colors & items pictured is what is available.

Item(s) Description/Condition:


Pic #1 : Is T-shirt only

Pic #2 : Is of all items


1.$5.50 Shipped Each

2.$4.75 Shipped Each

3.$18.95 Shipped Each

4.$3.25 Shipped Each

PayPal: Stephen@imperiumaudiodesigns.com

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Free. USPS

Item Pictures:



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