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My Forum Rant

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Well, it has come down to this. Over the last couple of years I have tried out several different forums, all audio related, and some worse than others in my opinion.

I can now say, that as of today, this forum is the only one I will participate in. I'm hoping this forum remains as civil, open, and informative as it has been so far. There are people on here that are respectful, knowledgeable, humble, and always willing to help if at all possible. If you ask me, that's the way it should be. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about others. I'm certainly not going to mention any names, just not my style. I'm sure some of you probably already have it figured out from your own experiences.

An individual such as myself can post a statement on one of many other forums that reflects his/her interest or opinion. I believe there are certain members that actually look for particular people, and most definitely particular equipment or companies, and immediately start trash talking about what one uses or supports. I just don't get it. In my opinion, its in no way necessary and absolutely rude and out of the bounds of what a forum can, and should, be. I have experienced this personally, and have seen it happen to several others. I don't like it, and therefore have ceased to participate in those forums.

Again, I certainly hope this forum remains as good as it has been so far. In my experience, I would call this one unique. It has the members and the vibe and feel that separate it from the rest of the crowd.

Sorry for my little rant. I'm just aggravated. Anyway, if you've decided to read this far, I hope you take it for what its worth, as my opinion and personal experience, and nothing else.

Thanks to the many members here that make this a class act forum!!

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Learn your lesson and move on. 90% of internet forums are a place for people with no lives to harass others and argue irrationally.


Can I say that?

Such language, but I can agree. I get some good audio equipment deals on ca.com, and there are a couple of really knowledgeable members on there but the other 99.9167% are useless. On the other forum I called a guy out for being real rude to a guy who gave him advice. He not only trashed me but he then picked apart my system. I bet a few of my comments quoting him has got him kicking things in his moma's basement. I know I should let it go like he said he would but he's one of those know-it-alls, he deserves it and it's kinda fun. Dang, now I feel kinda bad after cornfessing............. nope it was just gas. I am a redneck, love my truck, dog, tunes, beer, wife and kids in that order. One must have order in ones life and without beer some in that list would not be tolerated.

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Well, the way I see it, is the best forum would be one where people communicate like they would if they were in person. Especially being mobile audio and you'll be seeing these same people you're being nice to, or being an ass to.....in person. If you wouldn't say it to their face, then I wouldn't recommend it online.....world finals was a fine example of this. Those who saw it, they know wtf was going on, that's why no one jumped in.

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Dont take it so personally, it is just an internet forum.

Some people are are really proud of the products that they run in their vehicles ... I know I am

So when someone that's never had a chance to listen to their vehicles trolls in and begins to discredit product names ...

Yes, some do take it personally.

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