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Nsra 2013 Mid-America Street Rod Nationals

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I set up trade shows for a living. We do a lot of chamber of commerce shows, some large private food distributor shows and lots of smaller random crap. Every once in a while we get to set up a fun show. This show is probably the highlight of my year. It marks the end of our busy season, and there is a ton of sweet ass rides to look at. After I got the show kicked off on Fri. I walked around the grounds checking things out. There were probably 3-400 cars already there with more coming in the gates all morning. Here are some pics of my personal favorites.

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For starters I was looking for a 49 ford to give some more motivation to cableguy184. The closest I could find were several 48s which are completely different. and I cant find those picks right now anway. Sorry.

This is my personal fav. 70 charger (for sale too but there is no way I could get this past appropriations)



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You see the red and black truck 3 from the bottom? That's what I am building.

Mine will just be a "Mega-crew cab"

Ahh !!! Gotcha !!!

We need to talk when you get time !!! Got my Ford at the house !!!

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