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Amp Cuts Out When Accelerating Sometimes

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So I got a mechman alt. 1/0 to bat and 1/0 ground from alt. An XS Power Battery. Big 3 done all 1/0

Got a DD m2B all 1/0. Kicker 400.4 4 AWG (biggest it takes). and a Sony xav-64bt HU.

All in a Subaru forester 2002.

I even regound to rear left shot tower. Rewired all my speakers. Including My 2 DD 2512's (rechecked Ohm loads etc.)

Now it knows it now a power issue. But I am stumped. Even cuts out without music playing. An it not a hard exceleration mainly happens at a stop light. once it cut out while demoing in a parked situation.

any help is welcome. Also have remoted on a turn block FYI.

2002 Forester

Mechman 240 Amp Alt

XS power 5100

Sony XAV-64BT HU

Kenwood excelon front/Kicker 5.2 in rear

Kicker DX 400.4

DD M2B wired to 1 Ohm

2 DD 2512's

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That sounds like a bad connection some where.

Which amp is kicking off? Kicker, DD? Both?

What I would do first is check your wiring again. Turn the system on and check all connections to see if it cuts off at any time. If it does, you found your problem. If not, then you need to check how well you grounds are as that would be next on the check list.

As for your post. Could you put a little more structure and penmanship to your post? Not trying to bust you down here, just trying to stress how hard it is to read some of your post.

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Sorry about the grammar etc. What happens is this, I am at a stop light and I step on the gas, the amps both turn off and the DD stays in protect due the higher end protection circut. This issue is resolved but turning off the head unit and turning it back on again and everthing works fine. This issue is worse when temperature is below say 10F and ever more so when it falls below zero.

So far I have taken the following steps to try to resolve my issue since post. I changed out a damaged wire from the b+ on the alt to the Battery as well as soildered the ring terminal instead of crimping. I soildered my grounds ring terminals (replace the crimped ones). Re-mounted everthing via screw down to the battery. The following is a before and pic of the enginge electrics. At -1F I had 4 turn off/protect and at 27F I had none.

Before IMG_08621_zpsb87e7f0f.jpg

After 111_zpse0d3f39c.jpeg

My next step I am thinking is running a 1/0 ground from battery to the back. Although with my Fluke DMM I get same volatage at Alt/Bat/Amps/and Amp B+ to the ground point in the back of the car. This would have to wait as I am out of 1/0 atm.

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Just throwing this out there, but the colder a circuit gets, the less resistance there is. So it makes me wonder if your ohms are maybe near the protection circuit trip point already, and at the really cold temps, they're below the trip point, making your protection circuits trip. This is ofcourse if there is no other connection issue.....when I read the title, the first thought that came to mind was my truck's alt. The previous one had a bug in the regulator I guess, cuz one day it really tripped out my radio and other stuff. Battery tested at 12.8 rest, 14.9 idle, but when you revved it to 2k, the alt was charging at 17v lol......so something wasn't right.

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Also, have you checked all your junction blocks? If it were lack of power over longer distances, then it should be worse at the higher outdoor temp.

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