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Current setup kicker 12" L3 on kicker zx300.1. Received a used TIPS modded 952iq and decided inwould try it in my setup. Removed the kicker amp and wired in the linear. Used the two inner terminals for mono to the sub. Powered up and sub was booming louder than with kicker. Only way to describe next was sub locked up on a bass note. Stereo continued to play but sub stayed on low note. Does anyone have suggestions on what i did wrong or what might be wrong? Speaker pos/neg switched? Possible previous damage to amp? Gain set too high? I shut system off for a reset (dont ask me why i thought that would work) powered back on with different song but same result. Pulled amp and replaced with kicker and all works fine.

Side note: how much power gain does modding a 952 iq give?

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You need to install a crossover in front of that amp so the amp will only put out 70 htz and below ...

My recommendation would be a Linear Power X02 ...

You can find specs on that amp here ... http://www.linearpower.com/detail/952iq.html

I would call Ray and ask his opinion if the amp is working correctly or not ... His contact info is here ... http://www.linearpower.com/

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