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"Today we are sad to announce the death of one of our own. Chris Underwood was a friend and coworker to many of us for nearly 30 years.

He was a member of Stillwater Designs Manufacturing (Kicker) in the mid 1980's when there were only about eight people operating the company. He worked for Richmond Hill Corp (the original Blues) from the late 1980's until 1995 as a key player to the company. Chris had spent several years living and working in the Middle East prior to starting his career in the car audio industry. His last position was here with us at Linear Power, Inc. (Linear Power and Blues Car Audio).

Chris was responsible for most of our artwork. He was an avid photography buff since his father had been a professional photographer; and he supplied us with most of our product pictures.

He knew people everywhere, and could always find the right people to tackle a task for us. Without him, we could never have gotten Linear Power and Blues Car Audio back off the ground.

Chris was that guy who never said he couldn't do something and it would always magically appear a few days later with no fuss. He always had a joke for you. Chris would never do a job that wasn't perfect by his standards, it had to be right before he would say yes to it. He was a personable guy, a good businessman and a great friend with high standards.

He was family!

He is survived by his wife Connie and a few beloved kitties. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Chris passed away last week, unexpectedly at the age of 64. We love you and already miss you, old friend. God speed to you in your new journey."

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