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Custom Big 3 Kits In Ofc And Cca

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Email at Ryan@RAM-Designs.com to order with your measurements ready please. I DO NOT RESPOND TO PM'S.

Item(s) for Sale:

1/0 Big 3 kits using black Audio Technix CCA and OFC wire. FIRST 10 ORDERS GET A FREE AUDIO TECHNIX DECAL!

Item(s) Description/Condition:

These will be made using Audio Technix CCA and OFC wiring, which is some stout wire for 1/0...barely fits inside the 2/0 ring terminals I am using. The ring terminal bolt hole can fit a 3/8" bolt. The connections will be crimped via a hydraulic crimper to ensure that the wire will never come loose. The connections are then heat shrank with adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing that will not budge once shrank. All in all, it makes them look very clean, and the black on black look keeps it stock looking as well.


$49 shipped for CCA

$69 shipped for OFC

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

Included in price.

Item Pictures:



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I would assume potential customers would want to know what all you get in these "kits".

It's for your three main wires for the Big 3 upgrade, terminated in the way described in the first post: hydraulically crimped ring terminals and finished with adhesive lined heat-shrink tubing for a very clean look.

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Welcome to CA-F Ryan. Glad you made it over. Great idea on these big 3 kits, I just prefer different brands. If you would like a RAM section here, shoot me a PM.

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