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Car Audio Noob Here!

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Hey everybody! I looking to get into car audio but don't know much and figured this was a good place to seek help! However, I do know quite a bit about audio in general and tons about electronics so I don't think the learning curve will be too big. Another thing: I am extremely young! I am 16. Your probably thinking, "What can this kid possibly be capable of if he is only 16?" And the answer is more than you probably think. I have been taking electronics courses since the 7th grade and have built things like radar guns, radio receivers, simple gas can amplifiers, the works pretty much. I also have a solid income and am very willing to invest my earnings into a car audio system. Am I suggesting that I can afford the best of the best? Not even close. I am definitely on a budget, but am certainly willing to spend money on these kinds of things unlike the average teenager.

So the time is coming around for my dad to get me a car of my own. I have been driving around family cars for a while. So my first question is what kind of car should I look in to for installing an audio system? I have a LOT of limitations obviously. My dad is willing to spend around 6 to 8 thousand MAX but something even cheaper would be even better. Correct me if I am wrong but I am pretty sure that takes any SUV out of the question. I am looking to replace all the speakers, install an amplifier, replace the stereo unit, and install subwoofers. So my main concern is the subwoofer location since the car will most likely be a sedan. Are there any sedans that have great places to put subwoofers? Also I am pretty positive any 2 seaters are out of the option because I need to be able to drive around friends, siblings, etc. So no 300zx, crx., or any hatchback for that matter.

ANY responses would be greatly appreciated as I am pretty much at a total loss here. Thank you!

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