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My new Whip!

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Well I was heading to work last night and noticed a sick dually at a local dealership. Well being as I need a dually for pulling my gooseneck trailer for my race car (stability), I decided to stop and look at it. Well after talking (begging) to my wife, she told me if I could get it under $10,000, I could get it.

So this morning I took my F-250 tow pig to the car wash and had them detail and buff it and do the interior, basically make it look new, and then headed to the dealership where this dually was.

Of course driving a lifted F-250 diesel gets noticed and as I pulled I was greeted by 3 salesman. After driving the dually and inspecting thoroughly, I decided it was time to lay out an offer and after discussing other options we came to an agreement.

After about an hour of talking and paperwork, this is my new whip. 2006 Ford F-350 Dually!




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Im not really 100% sure yet! Gonna finish my daily driver first.

This much I do know, now that my race car is finished, I have some bills to pay off, then I cant start throwing around ideas.

I am 1000000% certain, that it will have the new LP's, but thinking HAT 3-ways for my front stage and HAT comps for the rear. Im getting an Alpine double din and imprint for sure.

Sub stage will prolly be a single 12" LSV.2 Onyx that I have. I will be building an enclosure around the style of the stock center console, so not to lose cabin space, prolly tuned to 30hz.

I have a lot of fiberglassing in my future when I start the build eventually!

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I can not wait until I can find me a truck to drive so I can quit driving my Chevy ... You don't know how bad I want to park it, strip it down, a rebuild her ...

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Oh, believe me, I know! Lol! I spent nearly 3 hours looking for goodies for the new truck last night. I am looking into buying an old Juki sewing machine right now, cause I want to do a custom interior, cause this thing only has cloth.

Thinking of doing a Dark gray leather, with light gray suede. That way I dont need to change the dash and interior trim.

My wife is just shaking her head cause she knows I cant just leave it alone!

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Yeah she caught me on the Banks Performance website last night!

Im shopping for downpipe back 5" exhaust, I told her the turbo needs to breathe! Shes like " is it gonna be louder than the other truck", I just nodded! Lol!

So last night I spent 2200 on exhaust and tuning software.

So when that gets here, I will take the truck from 320hp, 545 tq, to 490hp, 700tq.

I think that will make her happy, lmao!

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They wanted 28,500, I traded my lifted, tuned very clean F-250 Lariat and 5k down cash.

They gave me 15,500 on trade in, plus my down payment, came out to just around 9200 in total after taxes for my payments.

I thought I owed more on my F-250, but when I contacted the bank they credited me with 1700 of overpayments, didnt know it was finished cause my wife got the title in the mail and didnt tell me.

so thats how I got it for under 10k, lol!

But now im spending some cashflow.

Recently purchased was the new 5" exhaust, intake, programmer, and I am dropping it 3" in the back and 3" up front, considering its 2wd.

Im also talking with Katzkin leather, cause I want 2-tone dark gray leather/light gray suede for the seats.

Stereo purchases may come in the next month or so!

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