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GROUP BUY April 8th - May 5th

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Group buy has started. It will end MAY 5th at 11:59pm EST.

To be a part of the group buy, please Paypal $165 to the following address(do not send as a gift or payment will be refunded)-


You can either send this amount or full amount.

Remainder amount needs to be paid within 60 days from now.

All Group buy orders are expected to ship by the end of May.

Below is all pricing for what we have to offer.

We also offer custom calibrations listed below. If you do not need anything changed, you will receive a normal built meter.

NOTE- when paying, please let us know what you are purchasing.

Below is what we offer-

For information on our meters, please visit our website at- www.spllabusa.com

USB Meter-

Stock specs - 120-179dB 10hz-120hz

Price - $349 Group buy


110-169dB, 115-174dB

LCD Meter-

Stock specs - 120-180dB 20hz-120hz

Price - $399 Group Buy



115-175dB, 125-185dB, 130-190dB, 135-195dB

USB Pro Meter-

Stock specs - 120-179dB 10hz-120hz

Price - $499 Group Buy


110-169dB, 115-174dB

Wireless Bluetooth Meter-

Stock specs - 130-180dB 20hz-120hz

Price - $419 Group Buy



125-175dB, 135-185dB, 140-190dB, 145-195dB

USB Noise Meter-(RTA)

Stock specs - 80-140dB 20hz-20000hz

Price - $259 Group Buy

RTA Pro Meter-(RTA)

Stock specs - 90-130dB 20hz-20000hz

Price - $359 Group Buy

Both above RTAs can be adjusted to 10-20000hz for free or up to 22000hz for a $15 fee.

Any questions or anything, please ask.

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