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Leasing meters from SPL-Lab USA

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Leasing information from SPL-Lab USA.

I will go over the basics of how this works and what to expect.

You will receive a contract after making payment that needs to be signed and faxed or emailed back to us.

So, this is how it works-

Customer wants to lease a meter...

Let's say USB Meter.

USB Meter costs $409.

Customer needs to email me- shizzzon@gmail.com for leasing inquiry.

Customer will pay us $409 for this meter after informing us of leasing request.

If it were any other meter, customer pays us the normal price for that meter.

Once paid, we will send a contract out and instructions. The contract needs to be signed and faxed or emailed back to us.

If customer does not agree to contract then we will refund money 100%

What to expect in contract?

When the contract is received, your leasing period has started. You will generally have around 40days from the day you receive the contract to send it back to us, ship meter to you, use it and send it back to us in specified time.

If contract is not void, customer will typically around 75% of their payment refunded back.

If sent late, more money is withheld...

If over 60 days late from day customer received meter, there will be NO refund. It is assumed customer owns meter at that time.

***Any failure of device or missing items when returned will be replenished from customer's payment and remaining funds, if any, would then be refunded back to customer.

This is a very simple process.

We allow the following meters to be leased-

USB Meter

USB Pro Meter

LCD Meter

Bluetooth Wireless Meter

USB Noise Meter

When these meters are returned back to us, they are immediately set aside (after being thoroughly tested) as "used."

Used meters are purchased directly through us and ALSO are used as leasing meters as well!

So some customers may receive brand new or used lease meters but functionality will always be 100%.

A used meter is sold around $40 cheaper than normal price.

When we have a Used meter, it will be posted in our forum section.

What if the meter is damaged upon receiving it?

We allow enough time to inspect and return it without it effecting your contract period. A new contract would need to be signed or a full refund would be issued.

One more thing to note-

We do not always have meters in stock for leasing.

We reserve only a couple of meters out of our stock for leasing. When they are currently be leased, leasing for that particular meter will resume once one is returned.

***- we will not hold funds if the meter is damaged and is determined it was not done neglectfully or for the purpose of voiding warranty.

Any more questions, just ask.

Leasing began March 26, 2012...

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