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Group buy and leasing coming soon!

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Yep, that's right.

We announced weeks ago that we were leaving CACO.. but apparently that changed!

We are staying right here where we've always been.

So what is this Group buy?

Starting April 8, 2012 and ending midnight EST on May 5, 2012, we will have our Group buy #2 for those who couldn't get in on it at the beginning of the year!

What will this include?

Everything the original group buy had this year and at the same prices as well.

We will create the 2nd group buy thread the day it starts.

Something else-

Starting March 26, 2012, we will be open to start leasing our meters again!

USB Meter

USB Pro Meter

LCD Meter

Bluetooth Wireless Meter

USB Noise Meter

These 5 meters will all be available for leasing.

Limited quantity only per meter.

More information on leasing March 26, 2012.

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Sorry for the delay on this info but better now then never.

Below, I will list ALL available options for each meter that customer may choose. No matter what options you may choose, the price will still be the same!

USB Meter-

Stock specs - 120-179dB 20hz-120hz

Price - $349 Group buy



110-169dB, 115-174dB,

LCD Meter-

Stock specs - 120-180dB 20hz-120hz

Price - $399 Group Buy



115-175dB, 125-185dB, 130-190dB, 135-195dB

USB Pro Meter-

Stock specs - 120-179dB 20hz-120hz

Price - $499 Group Buy



110-169dB, 115-174dB,

Wireless Bluetooth Meter-

Stock specs - 130-180dB 20hz-120hz

Price - $419 standard, $449 with extra long range Group Buy



125-175dB, 135-185dB, 140-190dB, 145-195dB

USB Noise Meter-

Stock specs - 80-140dB 20hz-20000hz

RTA Pro Meter-

Stock specs - 90-130dB 20hz-20000hz

Both of the last meters can be changed to 10hz-20000hz.

For custom calibration, please PM me for more information.

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