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Thanks guys. I believe I need to ask for some help on the next process of this build though. I have always been the type to add a good component set or 2 in to make good mid and highs to try to blend in with the bass. But I have been reading alot about off axis and all this type things in making the front stage more dramatic. I would love to have my front stage make me feel like I am at a concert and hear as if the singer is walking back and forth across my dash singing, that is when the stereo effect is there to make it happen. Can yall help school me on any of this? I know cableguy has a very sq based sound stage as well as others too. I would love to learn more about all this and attempt it in my rebuilding. I have an old school Kenwood kec-302 cross over which is real similar to the Sony xec-1000 but also has a rear midbass output. So fine tuning and control is available to help with this.

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