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Ca-F Welcome SPL-Lab USA to the forum.

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Thank you guys! I will have information about our company up here soon within the next few days as we start to move over to here.

Anyone who currently has any questions about us, please feel free to check out our website-


We manufacturer sound measurement devices in Russia.

This username- shizzzon, is the owner of SPL-Lab USA.

As owner, we control distribution of sales to Canada, USA, Mexico and South America.

We also control warranty service, help and some R&D in Kentucky, USA.

On a side note-

I have helped many users\customers with computer related issues that have nothing to do with our company.

If you have any computer issues\inquiries about something, just ask us.

SPL-Lab is a continued, modern-day company that keeps up with technology as you will see within the next few days.

To do so, we must dive into techology and attempt to stay on top of the information and access to technology as it's available to us to better our company and our customers.

One word comes to mind here - Innovation.

This is something we do not forget.

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Awesome meters, I keep one in each vehicle and at all the shops.

They're all +/-.01-.03db from the shop's termlab we compared against.....which isn't bad at all when different termlabs are +/-.2db of each other lol.

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