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Linear Power amps for sale

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Hey guys,

I am adding 5 or 6 amps to the Linear Power website over the weekend on our "For Sale" page. I will be taking down the ones that have sold and adding to the new. So, go check it out, see if there is anything you may want! Some are modified, some are stock, All can be modified, and we will do a discount on a combination of the sale and modification at the same time for the none modified amps.

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Ok, running a little behind, it was my B-day this weekend so I took a day off! That kind of slowed everything down, but I should have this stuff posted on the website sometime the first of the week. here is a sneak peak at some of the stuff going up.

(2) Titanium DPS200's

(1) Blue 952IQ

(2) Black 952IQ's (actually brand new 992IQ boards, the only endplates I had said 952 on them, these are brand new circuit boards we found already built and operational that have been in storage for years)

(1) Black 5002 with mods

(1) Custom Dark Gray Hammertone finish 5002 with mods and feedback circuit (mono amp only)

May be adding a few other things but we think they are already sold before we list them, so no need to present them unless they don't already have a sale.

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Here ia an updated list of what we will eventually get on the linear website for sale. I will try to get pics up here soon on these. Prices are listed here too.

One Blue 952IQ 275.00

Two Black 952IQ’s (NOS 992IQ circuit boards inside) 295.00 each or 275.00 x 2 as a pair.

One Black XO-2 crossover cosmetics 90 percent 70.00

One Plum Crazy 652IQ cosmetic condition 85 percent 185.00

One Titanium 652IQ cosmetic condition 90 percent 185.00

One Black 452IQ cosmetic condition 95 percent 185.00

One Black 452i cosmetic condition 90 percent with older series of mods 185.00

One Black 5002 modified (still stereo or bridgable) cosmetic condition 98 percent 750.00

One Dark Gray Hammertone finish 5002 cosmetic condition 98 percent with mods and feedback circuit (mono amp only) 850.00

Thre are still a few other amps on the Linear Power website previously listed. We are going to clean off all the old stuff that is sold and update waht is there with this info soon! Some of the above amps have small nicks or scratches, or endplate lettering with wear, thus the percentage of cosmetic condition listed.

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