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Past Builds by Audio-Concepts

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As the title states these are some past builds I have done. These are just a few of my builds, there are many, but just some of my favorites!

I will start with a box build for an old boss. The box was fabricated while I was not able to do body work, due to a broken collar bone, so all was done while in a fixed sling!

Enjoy the pics!

The vehicle!


The basic skeleton!


Wrapping fleece!


Resin and matting ( 5 layers total)


Bondo and finesse work! Started with duraglass, then bondo the glazing putty, for all the finer points!


Test fit prior to primer!


Ready for primer




Time to seal and paint!

Base coat ( 4 coats)


Clear coat! (5 coats)


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Heres final fitting in the Blazer!


Now project number 2 is a hood I built for a 66 Nova drag car! The car came in for a full paint job, motor swap, and some misc goodies!

I did the hood fabrication, body work and paint, as well as the bracket for the fuel regulator and mechanical linkage for the twin Demon 1050 carbs to feed the 565 BB

We will start off with the car itself!


The motor going in!


Motor in!!


Now time to fit the hood accordingly!


As you can see temporary brackets were made to hold the hood for glassing!


Resin and matting ( 1/4" thick total)





More coming!

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Heres another project!

Eagle Talon TSi, converted to Eclipse GSX!

Car has a 1st TSi block (6 bolt main), mild billet internals, big front mount intercooler, 52mm turbo, converted to e85, no nitrous, mild tune, put down 458.2 hp to the wheels, and 518.6 lbft of torque! Should have close to 600 hp @ full tune and 30lbs of boost! Car is a sleeper!

Onto the build! Needed to make room with the intercooler being bigger, bumper needed some lovin, here we go!



Shaved emblem!


Holes cut test fitting ring for the lips!


Test fit with rings for clearance!


Rings being fused with 3m 2-part adhesive



Another test fit after curing


Ready for primer




Final assembly


Bumper was built, painted and installed, along with misc other body work in 1 week!

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Thank you, just wish I had the income to build something for myself!

ditto on not have money lol's also the talon looks great as a gsx.

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ya have been toying with ideas on a good car to do from fiero to corvettes saturn sc2 seem intresting but like your saying just don't got the cash to turbo one etc.... see reason for those three ther space frame with plastic bodys and do not rust out.the two that i have the most intrest in right now are the vette andthe sc2 you may live in a desert and be able to own a decent car sine i do not live in a desert i got to imprvize lol's the 1986 to abouyt 1989 vettes are dirt cheap right now were i live same with fiero and sc2's and there either plastic or fiberglass bodys .best one would be the vette,but the sc2 would not be bad either. and the fiero with a l67 or a 350 chevy in it would not be bad either. any ways if you need idea on cars what about taking a firebird and swaping in a l67 to a v6 fire bird lol's the l67 is a super charger version of the 3.8 in the gtp and regal gs etc... you would need mega squirt to do it . if you do not know mega squirt google it lol's any ways you do good work keep the pic rolling.

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