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Sundown SA-12 Klippel Test

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Finally got it done -- something I've wanted to do for quite some time now.


Our published X-Max is dead on by both BL and CMS definitions -- we publish 19mm one-way travel.

Inductive performance is above average as well.

Our published T/S specs are also very well close to the Klippel data -- the one we sent in was just a tad less broken in than the unit published on our site so the Klippel FS was a few Hz higher but as you can tell if you know about the effects of break-in it will settle right in to exactly what we say.

Those that don't look at Klippel often may note the BL curve is slightly to one side -- this is not unusual in production tolerance. The shift represents the coil 2mm too far forward. This is within an acceptable production tolerance and as you can see does not interfere with the 19mm of published linear x-max.

The CMS curve is also a tad tilted -- this is because a normal surround is always biased in stiffness one direction. Again, very normal behavior without going to an exotic type surround.

Little bit of tech talk along with published Klippel data for you guys. Hope you enjoy.

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