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Sundown SD-2 "500-watt" Line Photos

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Prototypes arrived today... working on doing full break-in to measure official specs. Honestly I am super happy with the prototypes -- I do plan to tool a magnet boot and put our logo on the cap but I don't think any other changes are needed at all.

SD-2 12" Measured Mounting Depth = 5.25"

SD-2 10" Measured Mounting Depth = 4.75"


Early price estimates -- MAP price (actual price paid from dealer)

(SA cost for comparison)

SA-10 v.1 : $185

SA-12 v.1 : $195

SD-2 10 : $150

SD-2 12 : $160

Pre-ordering would be something like :

SD-2 10 : $115

SD-2 12 : $125

That would be shipped in the continental 48 states.

Once I do some testing we'll have an ETA and a time when pre-ordering will begin.






* Quite a bit less depth than the SA series for depth restricted applications.

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Taco, Paco, and I have spent the last half hour trying to break the SD-2 prototype with no luck... two YouTube videos coming up. Ran out of camera memory on both of them trying to break it *laughs*

PS: Taco and Paco are summer interns.

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