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Working on 500-watt Line

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I am working on a line for those with depth restrictions -- NOT a true shallow woofer but something that just isn't super deep as most of our drivers are big, nasty, deep woofers. The ultra-shallow market is not something we plan to get into but I thought something shallower than the SA line would be nice. Our future "E" series line with stamped frame was not designed as a reduced depth driver either so we would have left this market totally untouched.

SD-2 10" -- 4 7/8" Depth

SD-2 12" -- 5 3/8" Depth

These will fit many under-seat truck enclosure applications.

We had an SD-1 and SD-1 v.2 series some time back that were very popular in the truck market... so naturally these will be called SD-2 as the successor.

The coil will be a 2.5" former with 30mm winding length combined with a 15mm top plate -- this gives us 12.0mm linear one-way travel and 22.5mm before coil leaves the gap. Dual-2 and Dual-4 options will be available with a rating of 500-watts RMS.

We will have 25mm before anything bottoms out -- so a bit over double the linear travel before anything nasty happens.

The cone, spider, and dust cap will be the same as our SA line -- very rugged parts. The latest SA series ventilation spacer will not be present on these models as it would add 0.4" of depth -- the frame will be a 4-spoke with vent holes liked the older SA series drivers. The coil ventilation will also be different from the SA line as well.

Pricing is pending but will be cheaper than the SA line, of course.

I am pretty excited about this line all in all.


Prototypes completed over the weekend and I'll have them soon !







If these looks beefy to you for a "shallow 500-watt" driver -- they should... the magnet slug is a full 7" diameter x 1" tall slug -- half of the current SA woofer. So it has some heft !

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The specs before break-in period are as follows as measured by the factory (I will break-in and measure again after arrival) :

SD-2 10" D4 :

Fs: 39.7 Hz

Re: 8.0 ohms

Qms: 5.45

Qes: 0.56

Qts: 0.52

Cms: 0.09 mm/N

Mms: 178 g

BL: 24.7 NA

Vas: 13.8 L

Sens: 83.5 dB 1w/1m

Le: 4.06 mH

SD-2 10" D2 :

Fs: 36.7 Hz

Re: 4.0 ohms

Qms: 5.51

Qes: 0.48

Qts: 0.45

Cms: 0.10 mm/N

Mms: 184 g

BL: 18.7 NA

Vas: 15.6 L

Sens: 83.9 dB 1w/1m

Le: 2.69 mH

SD-2 12" D4 :

Fs: 38.8 Hz

Re: 8.0 ohms

Qms: 6.18

Qes: 0.69

Qts: 0.62

Cms: 0.09 mm/N

Mms: 195 g

BL: 23.5 NA

Vas: 31.7 L

Sens: 86.1 dB 1w/1m

Le: 4.14 mH

SD-2 12" D2 :

Fs: 36.8 Hz

Re: 4.0 ohms

Qms: 6.06

Qes: 0.58

Qts: 0.53

Cms: 0.08 mm/N

Mms: 225 g

BL: 18.9 NA

Vas: 30.2 L

Sens: 86.0 dB 1w/1m

Le: 2.63 mH

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