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Sundown NeoPro-8 and 10s in stock !

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100-watts RMS 8s / $99 each from authorized dealer

200-watts RMS 10s / $115 each from authorized dealer

Frequency range is ~80-5000 Hz on these -- the bottom end crossover point depends largely on how much power is ran to them.

8 ohm coils for large setups where you would be connecting 4 per channel to an SAX-125.2 or SAX-100.4 or 8 per channel on an SAX-200.4

These drivers are extremely light and relatively shallow so will fit in many locations easily and also will not weigh down doors with large quantities of drivers as bad as ferrite drivers.

Standard Madisound grilles should fit them -- we will test it shortly.

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"I have had focal, rainbow,MB quart,and alot of other sets of components and these sound just as good but get ten times louder

If u have never had pa mids they have a slight warmer sound then most car speakers and can sometimes sound really flat and vocally mostly because most pa speaker are designed to be in enclosures. But since Jacob designed these to be ran ib these are perfect for car doors. Once u seperate the rear wave from the front (mounting them in a door) they really cone alive and produce very detailed sound. I have my doors sealed up with sound deadened so I have created a true ib environment for the mids. From what I can tell with xover points the Neo pro naturally drops off around 4500-5k and it does so quickly but most tweets should be able to take over from there easily .... all in all some of the best pa mids I have heard"

Reviews coming in a bit now.

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