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FI, SSA, tc

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1. Product:

FI, SSA, tc

3. Description/Condition:

10 is used

15 ssa is 3 months old use with 250 watts

12 FI BTL brandnew recone

4. Price: :

I got 3 subs for sale

1) 10 tc 3hp prototype 250 + shipping

2) SSA icon 15 d2 200 shipped

FI BTL old version (fullloaded) brand new recone never seen power yet 350 + shipping

pictures now :)

xcon not for sale!!

5. Pictures:







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hows the output of the btl compare to your xcon? I have a btl 18 and would like to downsize and was debating between the two..

there a big difference with out put between the two. The BTL louder but compared to the xcon the xcon sounds better and cleaner but cant handle the power fo the BTL

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