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WTB broken amps

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pics of the 400.4? how much do you want for both?

Never really thought bout sellin em...jus saw you were lookin figure i would find out wat you would give...400 needs an output but rear channel still works fine....and kenwood pulses, not sure wat thats about.

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emperor,i have a black case orion beast that from what i have been told needs little to work.i've had it around 6 years,but have moved on.also have an old school soundstream i think the model is a d200II,and a PPI chrome 4 channel amp that does not work and also needs the plugs for it.if interested shoot me a pm.thanks.

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Emperor, are you still interested in amps? i've got a 2006? RF Power T5002 that the local shop says sends out D current or something. The cover plate that goes over the adjustment panel has a decent sized scratch on it though.. let me know if its of any interest :)

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im looking to get any broken amps you might have. PM me with model numbers and prices (pics if possible too) Thanks

Still interested in purchasing nonfunctional amplifiers? I have a Rockford/Fosgate 700s ready to go. http://a248.e.akamai.net/pix.crutchfield.com/Manuals/575/575150S.PDF


-both End Caps

-2 speaker terminal screws

-high level harness

-bass remote

-Company insignia

External cosmetics: 8.5/10






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