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SA-8 v.2 Prototype Video

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We've shown a few pictures of the new frame... this is the first peek at the newly tooled and designed spider. I designed this spider based on all the information gathered during testing of the v.1 model -- this is our own spider design / tool where the other two spider versions from the v.1 were simply the best readily available roll profiles.

IMO... this roll is FAR superior and should show in testing -- which will likely be coming on Friday.

One thing that should be noticed quickly is the massive reduction in mechanical noises from the new spider -- MUCH quieter all the way up until we run out of frame clearance; which I do in the video when you hear the tick sound.

These are due in the summer... likely mid June or so.

Until then we'll have the v.1 model available unless we sell out before then :)

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* v.2 on right -- newest v.1 spider on left


* v.2 on right -- newest v.1 spider on left


* Original v.1 on left -- newest v.1 on right


* Original v.1 on left -- v.2 on right

Deeper rolls on the v.2 plus a new material composition. I need to do a little more work on stiffness (softer) for production but I am very happy with the roll itself.

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