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160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

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like the build. i think i hit a 141.5 at about 35-40 hertz with a tl and two tens and 900 watts rms. i would do more but haven trouble fitting a

tl with 4 subs etc.. in a extended cab ranger like you said it can be done it just a p.i.t.a. or pain in the ass if you will but it look like he has more room than i did which every inch was used at that. also seen a car do 156.6 in a silverado last October 4Th the windshield flexed and broke his wiper's that was a tl in the high hertz range cause it easier to do btw awesome job ! on hitting 160.3 some thing i am still working at.

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The really cool thing about Hanks' build is the truck can drive daily -- it is a big dually diesel -- and can still seat six passengers :drink40:

my god that is awesome it is a feat to hit 160 it seems from 140's to about 150 is hard as hell to hit and 160 is just awesome but now there is those new 180 db vans and car they have been doing by major company's.in the high hertz region of course. 160 at 30 hertz that just incredible

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