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Image Dynamics sale

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Well guys (and ladies), the time has come for me to move some of the stuff out of my closet I've been hanging on to for faaaaar too long. Just so everyone knows, I'm not going to give this stuff away, but I will be open to REASONABLE offers. Also, the prices listed DO NOT include shipping, and I will pass along the actual shipping costs to whomever wants the products. I will post pics as I dig the stuff out of the closet.

First up is a pair of Image Dynamics CX54 components. These were used in my old Altima for about a year, powered off two channels of my DPSQ50. I mounted them in a pair of well damped q-forms kick panels and they seemed happy there. I had these high passed in the 180-200Hz range at 12dB/octave and paired them with a pair of Kicker Resolution 6.5's for midbass and they blended well. I am asking $200 for the entire setup, which is one pair of 5.25's, one pair of tweeters and the matching crossovers.

Next I have TWO pair of ID OEM v1's. These are a BEAST of a midbass, 3" mounting depth, huge motor, etc. A pair of these (or both pair if you REALLY like midbass) in the doors, the CX54's in the kicks and you've got a heck of a good start on a kick @$$ front stage. Only one pair has ever seen power, the other is still new in the box. The pair that saw power went in the kick panels of my MGB for a day of testing and they almost rattled the car apart. You can also use 4 of them in a 1 cu.ft. sealed box for a small subwoofer that surprises the heck out of you. I heard a box like that behind the seat of a regular cab truck like mine and thought it had a 12 in it. Asking $75 for the used set and $85 for the new set.




Next up is a pair of Image Dynamics IDQ10V.2 D4's. I used these in my old Altima for a couple of months powered by half of a DPSQ50 running in three channel mode, so each one saw roughly 75 watts. They were in a sealed 1 cu.ft. box with a center partition stuffed loosely with fiberfill. They were NEVER overdriven, nor abused. If I wipe them down, you would be hard pressed to pick them out from a new pair if it weren't for the stickers on the back. One of them still has some rope caulk around the mounting flange, but I will remove that before shipping. I'm thinking $200 for the pair is a fair price, considering the condition they're in.






Last but not least, I have a pair of NEW IDMAX 12's. They are dual 2 ohm coils and have never seen power. These will be heavy to ship, if you are interested in them, give me your zip code and I will find out shipping via USPS or Fed Ex. Asking $250 EACH plus shipping.

If anyone wants a COMPLETE Image Dynamics system, this would be a great start. I will pack these in original boxes where possible (missing the box for one of the IDQ's and the CX54's) and items not in original boxes will be wrapped in bubble wrap, boxed as tightly as possible so they don't move and protected as much as possible from the shippers who think speakers are footballs.

Thank you for looking!


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