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Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

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Developing a 600-watt RMS 8" woofer with fully custom frame, cone, surround, spider, etc...

Frame supports ~35mm one-way linear travel and the soft parts support that as well. Design is motor limited to 19mm linear one-way and 30mm before leaving the gap -- so it will be VERY difficult to reach mechanical limitations even by accident on SPL burps.

The soft parts, frame, and so forth are VERY over-engineered to support any future motor designs I may desire to produce... meaning you may see a true high linear stroke "SQ" style design with these parts later on -- but first we are staying true to Sundown heritage and designing a super rugged "daily" woofer that will produce excellent SPL numbers as well.

The frame by itself :


The frame with cone, dust cap, and surround :


The frame with cone, dust cap, surround, AND spider :


Surround will be stitched to cone for further resistance to damage in extreme applications.

Yes -- we will be eventually making this style driver in bigger sizes... the 8" is coming first as I really felt the NEED for better platforms as I've been severely limited with existing frames in this size.

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After some long hours... the final driver design is completed:


One cosmetic element that is experimental... vertical logo on magnet boot. Should we do that or the horizontal logos like we are doing now ?

This is a HUGE motor... it is larger than the SA-10/12/15 motor. No joke :)

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The more I see this concept the more anxious I am to see them come to life!

Keep the Horizontal logo on the boot, will look better on that beast of a motor.

Really like the spider and basket!

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Basically... initial estimates are coming in pretty well identical to the X-12 woofer (285 MAP).


Not a huge surprise as this has the same motor size... considering all the custom tooled parts above that it's actually a deal, IMO :drink40:

I am going to call later to confirm all the estimates I got this morning as I'm not 100% clear on all the details without the call.

I may be able to pre-sell them for in the area of 225-250 or so with possible discounts on multiples.


Worst case if my estimates need some adjusting we may have to go to ~$300 MAP on this driver.

But... lets think about it and compare to the other "king" of 8" woofers on the market today :

Linear x-max is identical to the 8W7 @ 19mm one-way... X-8 has a shorting ring which the W7 does not.

Will handle WAY more power than the 8W7 does thermally... much stronger motor so way better for SPL... will weigh nearly 2x more due to that fact.

Funny enough.. exact same mounting dept @ 6.83" -- OD of the 8W7 is 8.5" and ours is 8.9" -- so actual SD is nearly identical to the 8W7 due to their surround attachment method.

Our cone will make theirs look sickly in strength as it's a high carbon fiber paper blend with molded ribs.

We will have coil options which the W7 does not have (D2 and D4 for us)

Lowest price I can find on an 8W7 is $275 from OCS with a 30-day warranty... pretty well the same as our authorized price with a 2-year warranty and our driver has many advantages as listed above. Authorized on the 8W7 at Crutchfield you are looking at $440 -- the X-8 is a steal by comparison.


I will confirm pricing estimates as soon as I can... but I am very pleased so far.

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Got the information I was unclear on -- it is leaning towards the $300 MAP side.

I will still be looking at the mid 225-250 pre-order, though ! So I advise picking them up early to get the best deal as it will be the new king of 8" woofers :)

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