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2xSA12 + SAZ2500D = 149.4 db -- Team Sundown Russia

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2xSA12 + SAZ2500D = 149.4 dbs - SMD Forum

Originally posted on SMD by Greg Kashin.


There was a regional comp this weekend and one of the Team Sundown guys was there to take the first place trophy :yahoo:

car: Opel Astra OPC

subs: 2x SA12's d2

amp: SAZ2500D

72Ah lead-acid under the hood and a Stinger 2150 in the back

149.4 at the comp dbrag legal sealed on the TL

here's a vid testing the system a few hours prior to the comp:

pics are a few and blurry...hoping to get more info on this later





here's a nice video of the same car with just one SA12

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