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Found 5 results

  1. We are doing a blowout sale at SSA for the very nice US Acoustics $100 off https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.co...cs-cw12d2.html 4" coil and 30mm of Xmax.
  2. Aaron Clinton

    New Ssa Dcon Almost Ready.

    Photos are done, specs and enclosure info will be up soon. Below are shots of the new Dcon 10, it is a shallow mount. It is still a great SQ option that blends really well, and can have authoritative output on modest power. The newer design has greater cooling and more motor force along with a little more power handling and enclosure flexibily than the original Dcon. http://store.soundso...audio/dcon.html
  3. AlexF2294

    What Amp?

    well i need some help on choosing an amp. i dont know much about this stuff yet so can someone help me. im getting these, http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?partnumber=264-837 and i dont know which amp to get. i dont want to be spending all of my money on the amp so i need one thats not too expensive.
  4. DustyJacket

    W12Gti Vented Subwoofer Box.

    Hello people I wanna know whats the best encloser for this subwoofer ( JBL-W12Gti ). I used some programs to see whats best. and i know if you calculate some that its the ( out side car ) valau that you getting to see. I(specs) SPECIFICATIONS DIAMETER: 12" (304.8 MM) SENSITIVITY (2.83 V @ 1M): 91 dB POWER HANDLING: 700 WRMS, 4,000 W.PK FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 18 HZ ~ 1 KHZ NOMINAL IMPEDANCE: 6 OHMS (PER COIL) VOICE-COIL DIAMETER: 3.0" (76.2 MM) BASKET DISPLACEMENT: 0.12 FT3 (3.40 LITERS) THIELE-SMALL PARAMETERS VOICE COIL DC RESISTANCE: REVC(OHMS)========3.2 VOICE COIL INDUCTANCE @ 1 KHZ: LEVC(MH)=====0.75 DRIVER RADIATING AREA: SD(FT2)==============0.516 SD(M2)===============0.048 MOTOR FORCE FACTOR: BL (TM==================14.6 COMPLIANCE VOLUME: VAS(FT3)=================1.58 VAS(LITERS)==============44.75 SUSPENSION COMPLIANCE: CMS(µM/N)============135.28 MOVING MASS, AIR LOAD: MMS(GRAMS============184.80 MOVING MASS, DIAPHRAGM: MMD(GRAMS)==========178.72 FREE-AIR RESONANCE: FS(HZ)==================31.83 MECHANICAL Q: QMS===========================6.68 ELECTRICAL Q: QES===========================0.55 TOTAL Q: QTS===========================0.51 MAGNETIC-GAP HEIGHT: HAG(Inch)==============1.00 HAG(MM)================25.40 VOICE-COIL HEIGHT: HVC(Inch)================2.60 HVC(MM)==================66.04 MAXIMUM EXCURSION: XMAX(IN)=================0.80 (ONE-WAY LINEAR) XMAx(MM)=================20.32 *VOICE COILS CONNECTED IN PARALLEL Amp -jbl versterker gto 1201.1 monoblok 1114 watt rms I am not a noob but i dont know all the 'tech' word`s. and my english is not my best language so i hope that one off you can help So what do i need is a good enclosur for that subwoofer. i like a vented box, is whats better a bypass (4th bypass or a 6th bypass ) chears gus pleas help me out. on the internet there is like nothing to find of this subwoofer. chears !
  5. Hi all, I have a 15" Kove T-3 sub, needs rebuilt. I know it has a 3" coil. But I don't have any other specs to order rebuild kit. Have you guys heard of these? Thanks