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Found 14 results

  1. Aaron Clinton

    SSA Valentines Day Sale

    Check it out here: https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/valentines-day-sale/
  2. We are doing a blowout sale at SSA for the very nice US Acoustics $100 off https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.co...cs-cw12d2.html 4" coil and 30mm of Xmax.
  3. Aaron Clinton

    SSA Holiday Sale

    Check it out here: https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com/holiday-sale/
  4. Aaron Clinton

    SSA Hellion has arrived

    Check it out at https://store.soundsolutionsaudio.com
  5. Aaron Clinton

    New Ssa Dcon Almost Ready.

    Photos are done, specs and enclosure info will be up soon. Below are shots of the new Dcon 10, it is a shallow mount. It is still a great SQ option that blends really well, and can have authoritative output on modest power. The newer design has greater cooling and more motor force along with a little more power handling and enclosure flexibily than the original Dcon. http://store.soundso...audio/dcon.html
  6. Aaron Clinton

    Teamssaudio Pages

    Mark is updating them right now. Here is Nic Watt's page: Nic Watts
  7. Aaron Clinton

    2012 SSA T-shirts are in.

    I am loading them up on the store now, sizes are as marked per color in the images below. These shirts are a thicker quality then before also $18.99 EACH / FREE SHIPPING | T-Shirt | Evolution Hertz - SSA STORE Stlyle: Gildan, Adult
  8. We have recently added Boston Acoustics to our Authorized Brands. Check it out here: http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/store/brands/Boston-Acoustics.html We will be loading up more products shortly.
  9. Aaron Clinton

    Ascendant Audio back @ SSA.

    After planning the return of AA to the SSA store for quite some time, it's finally here, right in time for the Black Friday 4 Day event. We are authorized to sell the following lines...
  10. Aaron Clinton

    SSA Customer Rewards Program

    ** SSA Customer Rewards Program ** Here is how it works: You purchase a brilliant SSA Dcon 10D4. Once the order is processed, we will place 10% of the Dcon 10D4 purchase price (NOT TOTAL SHIPPED PRICE) on your SSA Store account as SSA Store credit. It looks like this: ~ $114.99 purchase price of SSA Dcon 10D4 from initial order.~ $11.49 is placed on your SSA Store account that can be used towards a future purchase. See, very simple, if you need another example, just ask. All you do is place an order for an SSA product, get 10% of the purchase price applied back to your SSA Store account as SSA Store credit for a future order. Please keep this topic to actual questions about the program if there is any. This is a thank you to our discerning customers who want to run some of highest quality speakers on the market. NOTICE: We (SSAudio), reserve the right to end the promotion at anytime and this is subject to change without notice. This rewards applies only when your purchase a wonderful SSA brand product, but the rewards can be used towards any other item on the SSA Store towards a future purchase with a maximum of $300.00 stored as credit on your account. This is something brand new that we are going to try out. If the response is good, we could keep it going indefinitely.
  11. Aaron Clinton

    Return of the SSA Icon

    After a long hiatus, the SSA Icon is back. Production is just starting. More information can be found here: ICON Series Sub Woofer
  12. Today I wrapped up our testing on the final prototype Icon. We are going to production very shortly now. The long story short, the Icon is ready. It was really tested in depth today, ALL kinds of music, from passive listening to full clip for a long time. Not once was there any sign of thermal limits. This new version keeps that same full, warm and surrounding bass the original Icon was known for, bringing a little more punch and attack with an upgrade of added power handling and thermal limits and a little more abuse tolerance. By the way, the Icon bulked up 4 lbs. REALLY happy with this new version, we have something special in this power segment. More pix and videos will follow soon as these were quick shots from today with the phone.
  13. 110x1 at 4, 225x1 at 2, 450x1 at 1 Class D Mono Block – Strappable IA 5.1 on SSA Store