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Found 3 results

  1. CustomAutoImages

    Looking For A/v Install Ideas/photos

    I have a 97 corvette, not a lot of room, but was wondering if anyone had any good photos, installations or ideas of what i could get as far as fitment in the back. Photos, advise from previous installs you may have seen would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. In the world of media we live in, sometimes the only things I see published are negative ones, no matter what its about. As a matter of fact, when I recieve poor products or service, I'm always quick to shoot my mouth off about it. In regards to audio related things, I see a huge amount of negative comments all the time. (Just about all of them are other sites that are out there, not this one. ) That being said, I find it very important that when I DO receive good products or service, that I make it as well known as I possibly can. So, my reason for this post is to give a huge shout out to Linear Power. I owned a few LP amps way back in the day but had no idea what they were about, or where they came from. I just knew the amps sounded great and I never had a problem with them. I was out of car audio for some time until a few years ago. Not that I didn't still love it, I just started a family and we all know where your extra money goes when that happens. Well, when I began to get back into things, I immediately looked up several old companies that I liked from years earlier. I found a couple and reached out to each via e-mail. The only one I heard back from was Linear Power. I started speaking with LP via e-mail and then by phone. I was asking questions regarding some old amps, info on the new ones to come, and their Blues speakers. Being very satisfied with the communication, honesty, punctuality, and friendliness, I made several purchases that included Blues speakers for my car and home. I must say I have never been more pleased with the amount of money I spent in exchange for the product I received. I've posted my review of the speakers on here before, so I will not bore you and get into that again. I will just say that I look forward to every time I get to listen to them. I've also sent in amps for repair and modification. In each instance, I paid a very fair price for the work done, it was done the first time completely and professionally, and the communication throughout was spot on. The turn around time was very reasonable and my item was well packaged and cared for. I'm very much looking forward to purchasing the new amps. (I've got 2 girls in college, so I'm saving up.) With my exceptional experience with Linear Power, there is no way I would consider anything else. I have a ton of confidence in their products and the company as a whole. In my opinion, they do business the way it should be done. I've taken up a lot of their time with phone calls and e-mails regarding questions on earlier amps, specs on the new ones, and repair inquiries for other products. Not one time did they act as if I was being a pain or that they didn't have time for me. The guys are extremely knowledgeable but also very personable. Sometimes its hard to find those 2 characteristics in a person, in my experience. To close, I just can't say enough good things about Linear Power. If you are considering making a mobile amplifier or speaker purchase in the future, I strongly recommend giving LP a chance to earn your buisness. I'm confident you will be as pleased as I am. If youv'e taken the time to read all of this, I sincerely thank you. It's very important to me to give credit where credit is due and I appreciate you taking the time to let my experiences be known. Best Regards, Chris
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new to this site and i just had to upgrade my amplifier because the circuit board on my old amp fried (7 year old MTX 801D Mono block). I am powering two alpine type R 12's with a brand new Rockford Fosgate Prime R750-1D Mono Block amp. My head unit is a Kenwood touchscreen DDX512 (older version w/o USB port on the front). In my Kenwood head unit, the subwoofer preout has a gain range of -9 to 9, and even with having it set on -9, the bass is WAY to powerful. I actually love how powerful the bass is, but my girlfriend and other passengers literally cannot bear how hard the bass hits. I have messed around with the tuning of the amplifier and I currently have the gain set around 5, Low Pass filter on 110hz, and subsonic filter on 25hz. I think it would be much easier to go back to an external bass knob so that I am able to control the subwoofer gain on the fly when i have passengers in the car. I installed my own Bass Knob for use with my old amplifier and it was a simple phone jack that I ran from the amplifier to the front of my car. My new amplifier is not compatible with this knob and I would like to purchase a new knob to use with the new amp. I really like having the external bass knob so that I do not have to go in and change my equalization settings through my head unit every time I want the bass higher/lower. I do not know this space of car audio very well however, and I would like some outside advice which knob would work best with this amp. I do not know if I should use a specific bass knob or one of the universal fosgate knobs. I have also seen some knob that don't run directly from the amplifier, but rather integrate the head unit in the wiring. Please shed some light on my issue and I really appreciate the help. Ryan